This Woman Deserves an ESPY, Doncha Think?

Every year I watch the ESPYs and enjoy the view, if you know what I mean. (I'm talking to you, Aaron Rodgers.) But there's a lot more to the 2014 ESPYs than a slew of handsome male athletes and host with the most Drake. Take for example, Sochi Winter Olympics champ Mikaela Shiffrin. Maybe you recognize her from 2014 gold-medal for slalom skiing because it really wasn’t that long ago that she was out there breaking all kinds of records on the slopes. And to boot, she's only 18 years old which makes her the youngest ever slalom champion. Not too shabby.

Born and raised in Vail, Colorado which is only one of the most beautiful ski areas in Colorado. (I would know, I drove through once and couldn’t afford anything. That’s how you know it’s good.) With all the snow around, Shiffrin started skiing down her parents driveway when she was just two years old.

This natural born skiier is up for two awards at the ESPYs this year including Best Female Athlete and Best Female Olympian, but the fans choose who takes home the award, and there’s still time to vote before the show airs on ESPN. Why should you vote for Shiffrin? Well, not only is she an incredible athlete, she's also something I kind of want to hang out with in real life:

She takes the occasional selfie

Keyword: occasional.

She Kicks Ass at Catchphrase

Game night, anyone?

She's Not Afraid to Look Like a Tourist

Blending in like a local is exhausting. Just do your thing, girl.

She Reads Vogue

So don't pigeon-hole her, please.

She Loves The World Cup

So she understands why you love Tim Howard so much and why the word "Belgium" still strikes fear in your heart.

And takes Instagram pictures of her food

So you don't have to feel self-conscious about taking a picture of that final Crumbs cupcake.

She even named her car King Arthur

What is supposed to do? Just call it "my car"? No way.

Images: Instagram/MikaelaShiffrin (3)