Pretty Floral Handbags That'll Last Through Fall

May flowers are officially wilting in the middle-of-July heat, so it's up to you to inject some florals into your daily life via vivid, warm-weather patterns. With so many types of floral print — massive tropical hibiscus petals surrounded by great big green leaves to delicate little violets — you're pretty much guaranteed to find one you love, even if you're generally more of the black-on-black-on-black type.

If floral prints feel too bold for you to sport on your pants, shirts, dresses or more, a bag is a perfect way to add just a little touch of color to your ensemble. Sure, florals might sort of scream spring, but I promise they're secretly wearable year round.

Floral handbags (or backpacks or crossbody bags) should be paired with dark wash jeans and flowy summer tops for a daytime look. If you're looking for the perfect bag to carry with you during a night out on the town, pair one with your favorite little black dress. If you're on vacation and are feeling a bit more adventurous, don't be afraid to mix patterns (after all, Queen Bey does it). Stripes, polka dots and other florals can be contrasted with your garden-inspired bag for a bold look. Below is a compilation of the wide variety and different styles of floral bags that you can rock this summer — and well into fall.

1. Cedar Street Floral Maise

Everything will be coming up roses with this bag. It's on the pricey side, ringing up at $298, but from the short handle to the longer shoulder strap, it's a versatile look. The structure is simple and classy, with gold hardware, bright pinks and reds and splashes of green leaves. ($298,

2. Island Girl Canvas Backpack

If you have summer school, or maybe you just want to take a practical bag on vacation, this floral backpack is the way to go. It's less that $25 — the perfect price to pay for a trend, especially if you're just trying it out. Transition this bag into fall for a taste of the tropics even when our leaves are turning brown. ($24.80,

3. Hibiscus Print Crossbody Bag

The orangey-coral and black and white accents of this crossbody gives it a less overtly warm-weather feel, so it'll last you at least until Halloween. ($178,

4. Brianna Floral Messenger

If a subtle floral look is more what you're going for, this small messenger bag is perfect. The coral accents are bold, but the floral print resembles a black and white sketch sparingly filled in with watercolor paint. ($28.01,

5. Rose Garden Plastic Letter Carrier

This small and to-the-point bag comes in four colors — black, aqua, pink and yellow. Thought the other colors are bright, this sleek black bag accented with red and orange blossoms is perfect for a more dressed-up look. ($168,