$10,000 to Hook Your Friend Up?

Paging all self-proclaimed matchmakers: This woman wants you! An unnamed San Francisco ad exec has decided to take charge of her marital prospects after being inspired by Sheryl Sandberg's book, Lean In. (Because that's exactly the kind of empowerment Sandberg was talking about). To expedite the process of husband-hunting, the woman sent an email to her friends, offering a reward of $10,000 to the one who introduces her to her future ever-after. The reward money would be delivered on her wedding day.

Check out the highlights from the bizarre email below:

"I just finished the book "Lean In." And whether you're a fan of this feminist social movement is neither here nor there. What is here is an idea that came to me after reading this book. I thought, "I get it, I need to sit at the table. I need to be deeply committed to becoming a leader." Got it. I'm on it. And then I thought, "It's 11PM on a Sunday night, I'm single, I just had to squirt dish soap on leftover pizza so I wouldn't eat 2 more slices and this is the second self-help book I've read this month."

"And then it was as if Sheryl Sandberg and Patti Stanger bitch slapped me across the face with a soaking wet "stop being single" towel. If I wanted a new job, would I sit in the lobby of the employer's building just hoping that someone would offer me my dream job? No. If I want a husband, will he just show up out of thin air and ask me to hang out with him for the rest of his life? No."

Right. So, the obvious course of action is to offer your friends $10,000 to set you up. I can only hope that this woman's friends (probably not the one who shared the email, in its entirety, on Agency Spy) were kind enough to email her back and tell her how batshit crazy she sounds. Seriously — hasn't she heard of OkCupid?