Tracy Morgan Speaks: "I Appreciate Everything"

Recovery looks good on Tracy Morgan, who was seen in public for the first time since the June 7 crash that almost took Tracy Morgan's life. In a video released by Entertainment Tonight on Monday, the comedian, who was released from rehab over the weekend to begin an outpatient program at home, is shown leaving a building and entering a car, dependent on a walker but looking happy, healthy, and grateful to be alive. Spotting the photographers, Morgan gives a wide smile and a peace sign, followed by a statement of thanks to all those who've wished him well over these past several weeks.

"I'm okay," he said, leaning out the car window. "I love you very much. Thank you. I appreciate everything."

Morgan's appearance comes just two days after his rep announced that he was leaving rehab and continuing treatment at home for injuries that include a broken leg, femur, and ribs. Until now, only staff or family members have released any statements about Morgan and his condition, but it appears that the former 30 Rock star is finally in good enough health to speak for himself — and, judging from the video, he seems pretty thrilled to do so.

Hopefully Monday's cheerful video is indicative of a positive road to recovery for Morgan, and it's clear he has plenty of support; in addition to the photographers, fans, and network executives who've hoped for his good health, many of Morgan's celebrity friends have voiced their desire for the comedian to get well. Whatever the next steps in his recovery process are, he should be proud to know that so many people are standing by his side.

Check out the video of Morgan's first appearance, below: