Does Josh Have a Gender Role Problem?

Bachelorette Andi Dorfman still isn't so sure about athlete Josh Murray's sincerity, but I see a problem larger than his potential to be a player. Tonight I saw that he's a little too focused on gender role stereotypes. Not only has Andi mentioned that he likes to take control, but on their Fantasy Suite date Josh told the cameras that what he can offer Andi is that he "can protect her from everything." Not only is that kind of a gross overestimate of his abilities (you can't protect anyone from everything, just ask any parent out there), but it's a little too macho man.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the only worrying statement the former baseball player made on Monday night's episode. When talking about their future Josh said, "I see you being that mother and that wife." Andi has made her intention to have a family clear, but why can Josh only see her in those roles but not also kicking ass in her career?

Oh, and then he threw out the old "you've already been difficult," line when Andi said she's not always fun and games. Whether that's true or not doesn't matter. It's just that Josh is approaching this whole thing from angle that women are homemakers who men put up with and protect. Seriously, he literally said to her, "I'll put up with you." Um, how romantic?

At the end of the episode he declared Andi was going to become "Andi Murray." It's 2014. How can he just assume she's going to change her last name?

We already know that Andi quit her job, and since Josh is from Atlanta I'd assumed that was the nail in his coffin. Why would she quit her job if she was staying in her home city? Well, maybe Josh's antiquated gender roles made Andi feel like she had to give that up.

I sure hope that isn't true. She was a strong woman from the start; I mean, she was the woman who put Juan Pablo in his place. I want her to retain her independence no matter who she ends up with. But can Josh put up with a woman who doesn't necessarily need to be protected?

While Andi is busy worrying about Josh's profession, maybe she should be paying more attention to the gender stereotypes coming out of his mouth. It could spell trouble for the couple in the long run.

Image: ABC; Martha Sorren