Proof that Ross Is To Blame for Their Breakup

by Lindsey Kupfer

There is nothing like watching the iconic Ross/Rachel make out sesh for the first time. You know the one I'm talking about, when Rachel learns that Ross was going to take her to prom, in the episode “The One With The Prom Video.” Ross and Rachel finally became a couple and it was one of those beautiful moments where all the stars in the universe seemed to line up. It was a year and a half in the making and they finally got together. The rest of Season 2 was perfect. Ross and Rachel were together, Tom Selleck had a sweet mustache, and everyone had a few moments of Friends bliss. Then Season 3 came and with it, our biggest fear: Ross and Rachel's breakup.

Marta Kaufman and David Crane basically stole fans' hearts and then stomped on them. They took TVs most iconic couple (and hairstyle) and broke them up. That wasn’t enough though, because then Ross goes and has sex with someone else. Someone who completely pales in comparison to Rachel — thought I might be a little biased.

Of course all Friends fans are familiar with what came next, the never-ending "we were on a break!" argument. But with the many arguments that followed it can be easy to forget what started it all. Why did Ross and Rachel actually break up in the first place?

The Way They Said “I love you”

For me it all started when Ross started planning their future together. They were together for six weeks before he dropped the L-bomb, which seemed a little soon. Then there's the fact that he said it during a fight — not the best memory.

They were at different places in life

Although they hung out all the time, Rachel was just starting her fashion career as an assistant, while Ross was already well established at his job. Everyone knows that when you start a new job as an entry level employee, you might not have much time outside of it. Instead of being happy when Rachel landed her dream job, Ross made her feel guilty for having a life outside of him and their other friends.

The Mark situation

Okay, so was Mark into Rachel? Yes, but Ross clearly had major trust and jealousy issues. In fact, he went a little crazy. If someone sent a barbershop quartet to my office, that would be the end of the relationship for me. Ross also went to Rachel's work and flipped out on Mark, which is very weird because partners usually don’t just show up inside someone’s office. You also don’t buy people singing love bug stuffed animals past the age of five. Come on, Ross.

The Anniversary

Rachel and Ross' big anniversary dinner was canceled when Rachel is forced to stay at work for a deadline. Ross then shows up to her office while she is working with a picnic, which would be cute if she wasn't already completely stressed out and busy (and if he didn't set her desk on fire). I never understood Ross' point of view on this fight, which ultimately led to the "break." Couldn't Ross have just surprised Rachel with a romantic dinner when she got home?

So why did Ross and Rachel really break up? Because Ross is the actual worst.

Images: NBC; adventuretime/Wikia; Rebloggy; Headoverfeels