7 Things To Know About Traci's Fiance

I don't think there's anyone on the planet, better yet, the universe that hasn't heard Little Women: LA 's Christy McGinity and Todd Gibel are getting married. Christy flaunts that ring whether the situation calls for it or not. But we often forget that Traci Harrison, the quiet, reserved, and most explicitly religious member of the group is also engaged. Traci met her fiance Erik Tsou on the little person dating website DateALittle.com. When things started to get really serious, Erik left his job and moved from New Jersey to be with Traci in Los Angeles. Romantic, right?

Traci and Erik have been dating for more than three years, and Little Women: LA portrays Traci and Erik's relationship as very wholesome. They live together, but they have separate bedrooms because they're waiting until they get married to be intimate with each other. But Traci has a hidden feisty side. By the looks of last Tuesday's episode, she's not going to let anything, not even Christy, ruin her special day with her man.

So who is this handsome devil Harrison has fallen for? Unlike Todd, Erik hasn't gotten much airtime so far, so it's like we barely know the guy. Luckily, with a few clicks on the Google, we feel like we're finally able to know who Erik really is, or at least who the Internet tells us he is. Take a look at seven things to know about Erik, and judge for yourself whether he's a good match for Traci.

He's an accountant

According to Tsou's LinkedIn page, he's an "Accounting Assistant II" at the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. I could easily see Traci marrying an accountant.

He's also religious

It seems unlikely that Traci would be marrying Erik if he wasn't.

He's a Jersey Boy at heart

Now living on the West Coast, Erik shows a lot of spirit for his native New Jersey and the East Coast on his social media feeds. With all the drama that goes on with these LA ladies, it's easy to see why he would be nostalgic for his simpler times back East.

He's a Parrothead

Erik is constantly looking for his lost shaker of salt (Salt. Salt. Salt.) as a big fan of Jimmy Buffett.

He's a kid at heart

Who wouldn't freak out over finding this in their parents' house though?

He's recently adopted a healthy lifestyle

Looking at old photos of Erik on Instagram, it's clear that he's lost a lot of weight since he first met Traci. Now, he's a lean, mean, fitness machine, posting workout selfies and healthy munchies.

But he still likes his food porn

'Nuff said.

Images: tracirharrison, fu_corleone/Instagram