'Teen Wolf' Freshmen Garrett & Violet Are More Sinister Than Your Average High Schoolers

Come on Teen Wolf, can you give you Scott and his Beacon Hills Wolf Pack a break for once? Please? In Monday night's episode "The Benefactor," Teen Wolf added two more mysterious and ultimately evil characters to its already long list of baddies in the form of a couple of freshmen named Garrett and Violet. Seriously, how many more people with dark ulterior motives do you have to throw at us, MTV? When it comes to these two young evildoers, we don't really know much about their reasons for being bad and we don't know much about their past. What we do know is that they're both hired guns who murder supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills for the mysterious Season 4 main villain The Benefactor, much like fellow assassin The Mute.

We first learn of Garrett and Violet's dark side at an impromptu party at Lydia's lake house, which only happens because Liam accidentally invites what looks to be the entirety of Beacon Hills High to a fake party. It was just supposed to be a ruse to lure Liam so the Wolf Pack could have a little intervention for the newly turned werewolf, but things quickly escalated. At first it seemed as though Garret and Violet were just slightly snotty teenagers looking to have a good night out, however that was almost immediately disproven as Violet murdered a werewolf outside of the house.

Violet uses a thermal garrote wire to burn and choke the unnamed werewolf, who was only at the party to deliver a keg that was mysteriously ordered by someone other than Lydia. Violet quickly kills the poor man, turns the garrote wire back into an unassuming necklace, makes her way back into the party, and walks up to Garrett, who lets her know that they've received payment for their most recent kill.

Here's what we still need to know. Where did these two characters come from and why did they agree to work for The Benefactor? On MTV's Teen Wolf after show Wolf Watch, the actor behind Garrett, Mason Dye, mentioned that Garret and Violet have never even met The Benefactor. They're just working for the money. But how does anyone become willingly to kill people for money? And how much money are we talking?

On next Monday's episode, it seems like we'll be seeing more of the two teen murderers and get a better look at who they're targeting, as Lydia was able to find the hit list. But how will Scott and his Pack be able to take down these two and any other evil minions the Benefactor may throw at them? Ugh Teen Wolf, I need me some answers!

Images: MTV; simontheshadowhunter, probablysupernatural/Tumblr