'Teen Wolf' The Benefactor's Dead Pool Puts All Of Our Favorite Supernatural Characters In Danger

If you thought Teen Wolf was crazy already, you're in for a world of hurt. Monday night's episode "The Benefactor" finally gave viewers the list of supernatural creatures the big bad Benefactor is looking to kill with the help of The Mute and two teenage assassins Garrett and Violet, and probably a bunch of other fledgling murderers around town. This list, ominously called The Dead Pool, seems to have the names of all of our favorite characters, with the exception of Stiles. I don't think I've ever been so happy that Stiles is just plain human. But what does this mean for the makeshift Beacon Hills wolf and non-wolf pack?

According to the promo for the newest episode "I.E.D", they are completely screwed until they realize who exactly is after them, from the assassins themselves to the evilest of them all, The Benefactor. At the moment, the gang doesn't know about Garrett and Violet's dark intentions, and Derek had to watch Peter kill The Mute while he was trying to apprehend him with the help of Sheriff Stilinski, so they could potentially get some answers from him. But according to this promo, the wolf pack goes through the list to see who is still alive (it's not many), figures out that one of the killers is on the lacrosse team (Garrett), and discovers the latest murder weapon (a thermal garrote wire).


Based on the preview, it looks like Kira will be joining the lacrosse team, and the gang will have to protect Liam, since he's probably not on the list yet, considering his new werewolf status and insane anger issues. If it won't take them too long to discover Garrett's secret, perhaps the wolf pack can finally get the jump on the evil problems going on in Beacon Hills for the first time ever. Lydia and Stiles used to say that all the gang was good for was finding the bodies after people had already died. Maybe they can finally start preventing death instead.

Images: MTV