That 'Jersey Shore' Money Ran Out Quick

When news of TV Guide Network's latest show broke, one question ran through my mind: WHY?! TVGN's The Sorrentinos will follow Jersey Shore 's Mike "The Situation" and his family's lives as they open a tanning salon. Again, why? The answer is easy: money. Or, more accurately, a lack of money. That's right, it looks like The Situation is broke.

Even though Sorrentino reportedly made $5 million in 2010 alone, and likely received a huge paycheck for Jersey Shore 's final season alongside costar Pauly DelVecchio, he apparently doesn't have much left to show for it. Sorrentino has recently had trouble recently paying his lawyer bills, employee's salaries, and probably needs the cash from another TV show to open his next family tanning salon. Since Sorrentino was actually arrested after a dispute with his brother over how to run their existing salon (and allegedly got a nasty black eye from his mother), it doesn’t seem like opening a new business will immediately cure all of their problems.

In 2013, Sorrentino was investigated by the U.S. Attorney's Office for suspiciously short-lived business ventures designed to boost his income. He also lost a costly $4 million lawsuit against Abercrombie & Fitch for using implied references to his nickname "The Situation." So legal fees have eaten up a fair share of his earnings. Former costar Snooki Polizzi told GQ in an interview in 2011 that Sorrentino's big Jersey Shore payout burned a hole in his pocket. "I’m not going to spend money like Mike. He’s already broke," she said.

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Sorrentino denied Polizzi's claims, but she did end up shedding most of her party-hard image and doesn't seem to be financially struggling, while news of Sorrentino's money troubles and arrest are everywhere. But here's the easiest way to test if the claims of his empty bank account are true: does he have the items that supposedly wasted his huge payday?

Diamond chain

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Check. Could cost up to $43,000.


Check. (Note that he had TWO Bentleys in that video.) Bentleys usually retail for over $200,000 each.

Tacky 2009 designer clothes

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Check. And gross. But this is actually a modest expenditure for Sorrentino, as most designer suits are only around $2,000-5,000. Nice money management, Mike!

A LOT of Partying?

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Obviously. Depends on the club, but even with Sorrentino's celebrity status and personal appearance fees, he was still probably dropping a couple grand per night on drinks and bottle service. But he's sober now, so this one shouldn't be an issue anymore.

And in case you forgot, two Bentleys

This was posted FOUR DAYS AGO, so clearly Sorrentino hasn't learned much about managing his assets and is still banking on his former fame to support him and now his entire family. At least he'll be sharing the spotlight in The Sorrentinos. The family that goes on reality TV together… uh… hopefully realizes they need to hire an accountant together?

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