Cara Delevingne Has Another New Tattoo

by Erin Mayer

Breaking! Model and all-around It girl Cara Delevingne has a new tattoo. Okay, so she gets inked as often as most of us buy toothpaste at Duane Reade. Almost every other news story these days is about Delevingne's latest body art, despite warnings from her agency to cool her jets. But this girl does what she wants. Cara Delevingne's latest tattoo is the phrase "Breathe deep" drawn in white ink on her bicep. And no, Jourdan Dunn does not have a matching version, as far as I know.

The model revealed the ink in an Instagram post on July 13th. Taken from an artful angle, we see her flexed bicep with "Breathe deep" written out in calligraphy-inspired lettering. Also visible is her black wrist tattoo spelling out the word "silence." Delevingne is getting deep on us, people. Real deep. While the meaning behind the tat is not particularly obscure, Delevingne has offered no clues as to what prompted the design. She did, however, tag celebrity tattoo artist Keith McCurdy (aka Bang Bang) in the caption of her Instagram post, implying that he is responsible for the artwork.

Compared to some of Cara's other tattoos — that lion on her finger is badass — this latest is pretty boring, kind of like something you would've wanted when you were a 13-year-old scene kid who listed to Brand New 24/7 and need to be reminded to screw the h8rz. Perhaps Delevingne needs a tattoo encouraging her to breathe (deep) before punching paparazzi in the face?

The white ink is a nice twist, designed to be a more subtle look in case Delevingne gets sick of the design. Word on the street is that she also got a white ink dove on one of her fingers. If you can't keep up with Delevingne's ever-evolving collection of body art, because who can, Pop Star Tats offers A Complete Guide to Cara Delevingne Tattoos & Meanings. There are 14 of them so far. I guess what they say is true... tattoos really are addictive.

Image: caradelevingne/Instagram