'Bachelorette's Josh Murray is Matthew McConaughey

It seems like all of Andi Dorfman's Bachelorette suitors have a celebrity doppelganger. There's Nick Viall a.k.a Harry Potter's Neville Longbottom, who also happens to reminds us a lot of Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Then there was Marcus Grodd who was basically just like The Office 's Jim Halpert. And now there's Josh Murray who's exactly like Matthew McConaughey in Failure to Launch .

Perhaps you didn't see that particular one of McConaughey's films, (it's no Dallas Buyer's Club) so here's a quick catch up: Sarah Jessica Parker plays a woman named Paula whose job it is to fake date men. The goal of these faux relationships is to get men to a level of confidence that leads them to finally move out of their parents' house. But everything changes when she meets McConaughey's Tripp, who starts out as just another client, and ends up being the love of her life.

I know, cinema gold. But the point is not the quality of the movie, but rather that Andi could essentially marry Matthew McConaughey. Dream come true when you compare that to her other choice of Neville Longbottom, right? Sure, Josh may not look like McConaguey's character Tripp, but he sure acts a lot like him. From his family ties to his slight southern accent, Josh is as close to Tripp as you can get, and here are seven reasons why.


Matthew "alright, alright, alright" McConaughey and Josh Murray are one in the same when it comes to their outlook on life. Tripp says "Happy is what I'm all about," and who can blame him for being happy when his mom cleans his room and makes him breakfast and he gets to spend the day hanging out with his buddy Bradley Cooper.

Similarly to Tripp, Josh is also a very joyful guy."I love being happy," he told Andi during their Fantasy Suite date Monday night. "I love life."


At the same time, the women in both Josh and Tripp's life think they aren't quite ready to take life seriously. In fact, Tripp dumps women whenever things get too serious. Is Josh more mature than that? Well, he wants Andi to think so, "I can be serious as well," he promised her when she told him she was concerned that he was always happy.

Hey, Tripp manned up at the end of the film and got serious with Sarah Jessica Parker's character, so maybe Josh can do the same.


In Failure to Launch, Tripp gets bitten by a chipmunk, a lizard, and even a dolphin of all things. In real life, Josh Murray got pooped on by a bird while on a date with Andi. He said it was good luck, but to the viewer it just looked gross.


Josh has his NFL-playing brother Aaron and Matthew McConaguy had his ex-fiance's son Jeffrey to spend time with and care for. Josh cared about his brother's career so much that he actually quit playing baseball to focus on Aaron's success. That's intense.


In line with Josh quitting his career to support his brother, he has another thing in common with McConaughey's character, and it's that they put themselves second when it came to those they love. When Tripp gets asked on a date, he declines because he has plans with Jeffrey and he goes out of his way to spend a lot of time with the kid who is of no biological relation to him. When Aaron's career took off, Josh took a back seat. Josh's mom even said during the home town date, "You know, Josh, you have put you last for so long. I want this for you."


It goes without saying that a man who lives at home with his parents is pretty close to his family, but Tripp doesn't just tolerate his mom and dad, he genuinely liked being around them. Josh's family is equally as close, although thankfully he doesn't live at home anymore. Josh spends every Sunday watching football with them and frequently Instagrams his mom/son bonding days.


In Failure to Launch, Sarah Jessica Parker is only fake dating Matthew McConaughey while she tries to get him out of the house, she's also "dating" other clients in the meantime. But Tripp's not the only one who doesn't have Parker's full attention. Josh Murray has had to compete with other men for Andi's heart all season.

It's too bad Tripp is a character becasue the two of them should really get together and talk about all their similarities, like how much it sucks to date a girl who is dating other guys and how, no, really, they have the capability to be serious, but they also just really love life. What's wrong with that?

Well, if Andi dumps him, Murray can always just watch Failure to Launch on repeat and feel nostalgic.

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