Kate McKinnon Finaaaally Apologizes For 'SNL' Cat Lady Sketch — VIDEO

Remember that Saturday Night Live sketch back in May with Kate McKinnon and Charlize Theron... and all of those cats at a cat shelter? Well, people at one cat shelter surely remember it. So now, Kate McKinnon has issued a formal apology to that cat shelter on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Why? Because she cares very, very deeply about cats, as should you.

Apparently, the cat shelter employees thought McKinnon and the sketch were taking shelters for granted. McKinnon had been inside of a cat shelter the weekend before, and the folks at the shelter accused of her not caring about cats. They claimed that she had only gone to the shelter for research purposes, and not to help the kitties. However, in this funny interview with Meyers, McKinnon lets us — and the people at the shelter — know that she does, indeed, care about cats.

And in case the people at the shelter thought McKinnon was making fun of their employees, she lets us all know that it wasn't those employees who inspired her work, but employees from a cat shelter that she visited years before. Guess she has a thing for cat shelters? Whatever it is, it's certainly working — her hilarious comedy skills have garnered her an Emmy nom this year.

You can watch her interview with Meyers about this kitty scandal below:


And here's the cat sketch, for old time's sake!