In Other News, August 6, 2013: Sensitive Sharks, Sexual Assault, and Preemptive Hillary Baiting

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Researchers have launched a media attack on the term "shark attack." Apparently, it's neither precise nor very nice to the sharks attacking.

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes wrote a The New Republic endorsing Jeff Bezos's purchase of the Post. You know, from one Silicon Valley-tech-millionaire-turned-traditional-media-mogul to another.

Wisconsin beats out all the other 49 states to earn the much sought-after (sigh) distinction of "First to Post Statistics on Prison Rape Online." As state employee Marion Morgan explains, "People believe that what happens behind the walls stays behind the walls...The reality is 95 to 97 percent of our inmates return to the community and if they're sexually traumatized while in detention that's going inhibit their ability to successfully reenter.”

As Yale University prepares to re-open its doors to students this fall, the administration faces increased scrutiny for its lackluster response to reports of sexual assault.

Digital women journalist fist-bump for the new NewsHour hosts:

Let the misogyny commence! Or, shall we say, recommence! An anti-Hillary PAC has started to market a "game" called "Slap Hilary!" which is, unfortunately, exactly what it sounds like.

Taco Bell waffle taco breakfasts may be on the horizon. Delivered by tacocopter drone?

It's time to meet the world's first playable beer bottle: