Fox News Says President Obama Is Talking About Terror Threats "To Make The White House Look Good"

The United States and Britain ordered nonemergency personnel to withdraw from embassies in Yemen Tuesday, a day after officials in Washington said the United States had intercepted electronic communications in which the head of Al Qaeda ordered the leader of the group's Yemen affiliate to execute an attack as early as this past Sunday. Fox News later said the evacuation was the White House's attempt to strengthen its image by leaking sensitive intelligence.

By the way: Britain took the exact same course of action.

Said Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox and Friends:

If the White House is revealing secrets, does that sound familiar? They’re trying to prosecute a guy in Moscow who revealed some secrets when he was in Hong Kong. If the White House is revealing secrets to make the White House look good, the revelation of which tips off or hands to the enemy, that is not good.

Added co-host Steve Doocy, "They burned a source and a method, and that’s the problem. They could still say be careful if you’re in these areas. But to be so specific to make it look like the administration is working overtime, look at these fantastic avenues of intel, that is troubling."

Watch the clip below.

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