Miley Cyrus Announces Upcoming Album's Name, But What Does 'Bangerz' Mean?

She's showed you her tongue. She's told you how much she loves weed. She's showed you her shirtless abdomen (many, many times). She's showed you how much she loves kissing inanimate objects that are not her possible-fiancé-but-maybe-not-but-is-he Liam Hemsworth. But Miley Cyrus, singer of "We Can't Stop" and subway hold-up, is likely hoping to shock you once again with the name of her next album, BANGERZ.

The name of the album (which, no doubt, will tap into the twerking culture Cyrus has grown so fond of in recent months) follows in the footsteps of another anticipated release, Lady Gaga's Nov. 11 album, ARTPOP, proving that Kanye West is not the only musician who can hold down a caps lock key. But we know what many of you might be thinking: What in the world does BANGERZ mean? Surely, she's not referring to eyewear protection, or the band The Bangerz, who have strangely released an album with the same title of Katy Perry's upcoming release, Prism. (Can you say SEO win?) And consulting the dictionary hardly helps either — here's guessing Cyrus does not plan on centering an album around sausages, noisy cars, or a firework.

Whatever it means, Cyrus is playing coy, only giving fans this hint on her Twitter feed, where she first announced Bangerz:

Whatever it means, the fact that it's making me think of this makes me willing enough to buy it:

Image: FOX