Jason Biggs' Story About Wife's Breast Milk Probably Won't Win Back the Larry Haters — VIDEO

Come, gather 'round, friends, and hear the story about the time that Jason Biggs tried his wife's breast milk — wait, what? You don't want to hear it? Oh, you would have wanted to hear it because it sounds funny, but you're too busy being like, "fuck you Larry" to stop and listen? Well, put thy Larry hate sheath down, and listen to this funny story that Biggs told Conan O'Brien on Monday night's edition of Conan. C'mon — don't you remember that Jason Biggs and Larry Bloom from Orange Is The New Black are not one and the same?

Yes, Biggs has now become practically identified with his role as the icky ex-fiance of current Litchfield inmate Piper, but, hey — it's better than being "that guy who humped the pie in American Pie," right? Now he's become an Internet sensation for how disliked he is. And perhaps he's trying to undo all of that by discussing the ins and outs of being a new dad or more accurately, by becoming "that guy who goes on late night talk shows to chat about how he samples his wife's breast milk." For the record, his wife wasn't too keen on the idea.

You can hear the whole story in the video below. Perhaps it will even elicit a chuckle from the most severe Larry haters? Perhaps not.