'Once Upon A Time' Could Get A 'Frozen' Spinoff but Don't Celebrate Just Yet

"Let it go?" Um, apparently, not. The Frozen storm may continue to rage on as E! reports that ABC's Once Upon A Time may lead to a Frozen spinoff. Say what!? There are already Frozen ice shows, cruises to Norway for Frozen-o-philes, a cavalcade of mash-ups and parodies, and not to mention, spots on OUAT, with Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff as featured characters. But a Frozen television show? Be still, my icy heart!

ABC President Paul Lee told E! the following at the TCA Press Tour in Beverly Hills:

Lee went on to say that it wasn't to soon to do a Frozen spinoff, either. He said:

Seriously, Frozen is equally The Thing That Cannot Die and The Gift That Keeps on Giving.

So, Frozen fans, devour this news, but remember that it isn't set in stone — I mean, ice — yet, even though it looks like ABC is pretty set on making it happen. Even though everybody wants to build a snowman, or sing "Let It Go" in the shower, that doesn't mean it'll work on the small screen.

Image: Disney