'Once Upon A Time' Could Get A 'Frozen' Spinoff but Don't Celebrate Just Yet

"Let it go?" Um, apparently, not. The Frozen storm may continue to rage on as E! reports that ABC's Once Upon A Time may lead to a Frozen spinoff. Say what!? There are already Frozen ice shows, cruises to Norway for Frozen-o-philes, a cavalcade of mash-ups and parodies, and not to mention, spots on OUAT, with Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff as featured characters. But a Frozen television show? Be still, my icy heart!

ABC President Paul Lee told E! the following at the TCA Press Tour in Beverly Hills:

We don't have immediate plans for a Frozen spinoff, but they're so inventive, those two [OUAT executive producers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis]...Eddy and Adam are endlessly inventive, so they have glints in their eyes of stories that they can spin for years to come. So it certainly doesn't rule out their ability or my ability to go beyond Once.

Lee went on to say that it wasn't to soon to do a Frozen spinoff, either. He said:

Frozen is a wonderful asset, John Lassiter [executive producer of the Frozen film], himself flew up to Vancouver, he's integrally related to the way we're doing that. Adam and Eddie always have a twist on every story, so you can imagine their twist is going to be very different. But no, I think it's the perfect time. We're thrilled with it.

Seriously, Frozen is equally The Thing That Cannot Die and The Gift That Keeps on Giving.

So, Frozen fans, devour this news, but remember that it isn't set in stone — I mean, ice — yet, even though it looks like ABC is pretty set on making it happen. Even though everybody wants to build a snowman, or sing "Let It Go" in the shower, that doesn't mean it'll work on the small screen.

Image: Disney