This 'OUAT' Spinoff Show Needs to Happen

by Kadeen Griffiths

We should have seen this coming from the way Frozen has brought attention to Once Upon a Time like never before, but who knew they were entertaining the idea this quick? While there are no concrete plans in place right now, ABC President Paul Lee has not shut the door on the concept of a Once Upon a Time Frozen spinoff. It would, I assume, be like Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, except people would actually watch it. You'd think that people would have lost interest in Frozen by now, but that Queen Elsa reign just won't let up. Besides, a live action Frozen television show is the best idea ever.

The only downside for this for ABC is the possibility that Once Upon a Time in Arendelle, as they would probably call it, might end up being more popular than its parent show. However, while we wait to see the performance of the actresses and actor chosen to portray Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff on Once Upon a Time, the distant idea of a spin-off is one they should explore even if they end up having to recast the leads. Not just because I want this more than I've wanted anything ever, but also because the world of Frozen is prime with potential for Once Upon a Time to explore.

1. Elsa and Anna are the perfect female leads.

Elsa and Anna are perfect foils to one another. Where Elsa is reserved, defensive, distant, and anxious, Anna is warm, open, friendly, and excitable. Where Elsa is dignified and poised, Anna is clumsy and relatable. However, the two of them love each other fiercely even if they show it in different ways and that was truly beautiful to watch for two hours alone. Seeing how their relationship grows and develops when they can spend more than just thirty minutes of collective movie time together would be fascinating.

2. It's a show about family.

If there's one thing that marks one of the cornerstones of Once Upon a Time, it's family — finding it, protecting it, and loving it. Anna and Elsa found their way back to one another in Frozen, so watching what fresh challenges Once Upon a Time's universe could throw at them (could they be the new "I will always find you"?) would just make us love them even more.

3. Hans is an actual sociopath.

Something that we didn't get to explore very much in the Disney movie is the fact that Hans is a complete and total sociopath. Lacking in empathy and only loyal to his own ruthless goals, he's a master of manipulation and superficial charm. He had Anna in the palm of his hand, so getting to be even darker in Once Upon a Time would make us love to hate him more.

4. Weselton and the Southern Isles could want revenge.

Hans aside, Frozen is not without potential future conflicts for a spin-off show. After cutting Weselton off as a trading body over the actions of one man (a duke, at that), will they want revenge? And is Hans the only member of the Southern Isles' royal family that turned out to be a complete psycho? What if sending him home just gives him the opportunity to start scheming with one of his twelve brothers? Why didn't they just put him in jail?

5. Anna and Kristoff have a True Love game stronger than Prince Charming and Snow White.

Let's be real. Kristoff and Anna would totally be the Prince Charming and Snow White of Once Upon a Time in Arendelle. They didn't like one another at first, they fell in love saving each other's lives in a great adventure, and they're adorable together. Just like Snow White and Prince Charming. We didn't even get to see them have their first date in the movie, so seeing how their relationship would develop over the course of a TV show would be awesome.

6. It would be the perfect opportunity to make Jelsa happen.

In the world of crossover ships, the most popular pairing for Elsa is with Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. The pairing is known as Jelsa and Once Upon a Time's tendency to throw fairy tales and Disney movies together to see what happens means Jelsa could finally happen on the Frozen spinoff television series. People of the Internet need to start campaigning for this right now.

7. There is plenty of crossover potential.

How would Anna get along with someone like Mulan or Aurora? Could the underused Rapunzel adapted into the Once Upon a Time universe appear again in the spin-off to befriend Elsa? If Kristoff and Flynn Rider ever met, would they hit it off or be mortal enemies? The number of characters who could make a home in Arendelle are endless and it would all be incredibly interesting. Once Upon a Time already has way too many characters in it for them to get their fair time to shine, so expanding into Frozen would be a fresh new playground to fill. Make it happen, ABC!

Image: Disney; Tumblr (7)