'TVD' May Defy Damon's Wishes

by Christine DiStasio

It's time to take on the grieving process. It seems like just yesterday that The Vampire Diaries killed Damon Salvatore during its Season 5 finale and, while we know he'll return as a human or ghost or (hopefully) his magnificent vampire self, the people he left behind are still trying to deal. When The Vampire Diaries Season 6 premieres on Oct. 2, we're facing a time-jump and apparently a new bromance — Season 6 spoilers claim that Stefan will have a new, unlikely friend this season and well, who more unlikely than Enzo.

Talk about a new bromance — literally. Damon's grieving brother and Damon's (not so sure if he's grieving) BFF could possibly be linking up to cope with the death of everyone's favorite Salvatore (RIP). Sure, it could be anyone. TVLine revealed on July 8 that a "devastated" Stefan will "turn to a surprising source for comfort" in Season 6. So, naturally, we need to work through the usual suspects to figure out exactly who will surprise TVD fans by becoming Stefan's new BFF and shoulder-to-cry on about Damon's death and departure into oblivion.

We can all rule out the extremely obvious choices right now — anyone that Stefan has a good relationship with: Elena, Caroline, Jeremy, Matt, Alaric. Which is basically, well, every original series regular left on the show. So that leaves fans with TVD's new cast member, Colin Ferguson's community militia man, Tripp, and recently returned-from-the-dead Enzo, who was promoted to a series regular for Season 6.

While it'd be interesting to see Stefan get close and confide in a stranger, Enzo still has a score to settle with him for sending him to the Other Side in the first place. So, do you see where I'm going with this? This TVD spoiler is playing right into a cliché that would have Damon Salvatore rolling over in his grave (if he didn't die in a weird, nebulous alternate side). Stefan and Enzo are going to get their bromance on, while bonding over Damon's death.

Too soon? Okay, maybe a little. But, when you think about the hint in this extremely brief spoiler, it makes perfect sense. They're both feeling guilty — Stefan more so than Enzo, since Damon killed his girlfriend and all of that drama — that they both escaped the Other Side before it collapsed, while Damon, who sacrificed himself for their return, was left behind to get sucked into oblivion. And if anything brings together unlikely pairs on TVD, it's death.

It was no secret that Stefan and Enzo just aren't cut out to be friends. Possibly because they've both got this whole brooding-over-my-lost-love thing going on and partly because, even when Stefan hates Damon, he still likes to be his #1 homie. And it turned out, when we learned about Enzo and Damon's past as Augustine prisoners, that there was a whole part of Damon's life that Stefan never knew about, but was rather confided in Enzo. Basically, no matter how you slice it, this is as unlikely and surprising of a pair as you're going to get — well, until Caroline and Stefan finally get together and the shit really hits the fan.

Here's the thing about a Stefan and Enzo bromance or team: Damon would so not be down for this, especially under the circumstances. Elena may have brought out some of Damon's sentimental side, but there's no way in hell that he would want Enzo and Stefan to bond over how sad they are about his death. Honestly, he would totally be judging them for coming together like this and, even though I know he put on a brave face and walked into death, Damon doesn't want everyone devoting their lives to finding him.

Sure, it'll be more satisfying to see Stefan branch out and make a new friend because anything will be better than a sappy born-out-of-suffering Steroline love story. But I can 100 percent assure you that when TVD does bring Damon back, he's going to give these two so much grief over being so cliché.

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