All The Types of Kids You Met at Camp


If there’s one rite of passage every kid should get to experience in their lifetime, it’s the joys (and horrors) of summer camp. You all remember those days, don’t you? The swimming lessons, the late night campfires, the perpetual bug bites and sunburns (hey, we’ve all been there) — yes, it’s a magical time in every child’s life.

And the best part? Those three glorious weeks are completely parent (and homework) free! It didn’t matter if you had absolutely zero camping experience like yours truly (these trees come with outlets for my blow dryer, right?). No, what mattered was that you got to get out of the classroom and socialize with a bunch of potential new BFFs. (Also, did we mention there was no homework? Because we really can’t stress that part enough.)

Speaking of potential friends, camp was also the perfect time to break out of your usual social circle and acquaint yourself with an entirely different crowd. And boy did camp give you a lot of eccentric options to choose from. Regardless of whether you went to a regular summer camp, academic camp, or even the legendary band camp, there were always a few very specific types of fellow campers that you were bound to come across in one way or another.

Kids like…

The Kid With the Bee Allergy

EpiPens, Benadryl — this kid had it all. And if they didn't… well, there were some serious side effects.

The Kid Obsessed With Color Wars

They were always weirdly into which color they were on, but it really didn't matter what game it was: Tug-of-war, dodgeball, archery — you name it, they loved it. Maybe a little too much.

The Hot Guy Everyone has a Crush On

I… umm… what was I saying?

The Counselor-In-Training

This kid loved camp SO. MUCH. Unfortunately, this also made them think they could practice their pending leadership role by bossing you around. We see right through your charade.

The Guy Who Always Plays the Guitar

Is there anything sexier than watching a hot guy play guitar? (That was a trick question. No, no there is not.)

The Kid Who Just Wants to Stay Inside All Day

Sunshine? No thank you. I'm in the middle of an moping session.

The Overly-Excited Camp Counselor

That is just way too much energy and excitement before 6 a.m.

The Person Who's Been There Every Year Since They Were 4

This kid knew all the tricks. From how to sneak out late at night, to warning you against certain cafeteria foods, their hook-ups were unlimited. Let's just say, people knew them.

The Person Whose Parents Work at Camp

Isn't this supposed to be a vacation away from the parentals? That's almost as bad as having parents as teachers in school (something yours truly knows all too well about).

The Gossiper

This kid somehow knew everything about everyone, which was fascinating if you were an observer — and terrifying if you were a victim. Tread lightly.

The Sexual Experimenter

This one time, at band camp…

The Glue Sniffer

There's one in every crowd.

The Kid Who Brought Way Too Much Stuff for 3 Weeks

Because yes, apparently they really did need all three copies of that Spice Girls CD.

The Food Hoarder

The good news is your bunk beds will be filled with candy. The bad news is you may not get to have any.

The Kid Who Has a Black Belt in Pranking

At camp, you learned to sleep with one eye open thanks to this guy. It didn't matter if you were a friend or foe — everyone was fair game. (Watch out for warm water and whipped cream!)

The First-Timer Who Just Wants to Go Home

So young. So innocent.

The kid Who Shamelessly Flirts With the Camp Counselors

You secretly pined after a few as well, but always from afar.

The kid Who Can't Be Bothered With Showering

Let me introduce you to our friend, The Soap.

And, Of Course, The Theater Buff

Dance routines for everyone!

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