Kim Kardashian Posts A "Skinny" Instagram Throwback Photo, But We Think She Looks Amazing Right Now

Kim Kardashian — love her or hate her for her looks, her fame, or her perceived opulence when it comes to her daughter North West's nursery and name-brand threads, which were likely gifted to her but still — is certainly a patron saint for kurvy, er, curvy girls. Mrs. Kanye West has a badonkadonk to die for, and her fun bags remind us that busty girls can and should show off their assets. But she posted a "classic" photo on her Instagram —shared a few days too early to consider it a TBT or FBF — where she recalled her "skinny days," intimating that perhaps she doesn't feel skinny now. It might send a bit of a mixed message.

She captioned the shot, a from-the-side image of her in a clingy, white dress with an open back, highlighting her booty and a tiny waist, as such: "#SkinnyDays #OnTheTreadmillRightNOW."

My first reaction was Kim, honey, are you kray kray? Sorry, I meant cray cray. You look amazing now, especially a year removed from having your first child. It's not like we can christen you "Kim Lardassian."

Seriously. Mrs. West is fine and fit now. She may not have as small of a waist as she did in this picture, but who cares! Her butt has not shifted, dimension-wise, and she still has a face and a figure that a fan paid over $30,000 to copy. While it's likely that Kardashian didn't mean to send a mixed message, she sorta did. I support her efforts to stay in shape and there are plenty of health benefits that come from spending time on a treadmill, but the IG pic and the caption does suggest that this is a standard she wants to attain, so she hit the gym or the gym room because of it.

Don't sweat it, girl. Literally.

Image: Kim Kardashian/Instagram