Chace Crawford & Rachelle Goulding Broke Up So How Would 'Gossip Girl's Nate Archibald Deal?

Get ready ladies, because Chace Crawford is back on the market. At this point, Crawford is still best known for playing Nate Archibald on Gossip Girl although he did recently guest star on Glee as Dianna Agron's boyfriend. He's been dating a model named Rachelle Goulding since March of 2013, but apparently at some point Crawford and Goulding broke up. It was an amicable sort of breakup and Crawford doesn't seem upset about it, but the end of a relationship that lasted that long always leaves a person feeling just a little bit lost.

In times like this, we wouldn't blame Crawford for needing some guidance. Even if it was mutual and even if Crawford and Goulding are still friends, making the transition from taken to single, from romantic to platonic, isn't an easy thing. Just the fact that Crawford essentially said that he was too busy to date anyone else right now could indicate that he's not as okay with the breakup as he seems. However, it's not like there isn't one very good place he can go to for advice. After all, if there was one thing that Nate Archibald had mastered on Gossip Girl it was the fine art of the breakup. He dated and broke up with just about every girl to ever set foot in the Gossip Girl universe, except maybe the mysterious Gossip Girl herself. (Spoiler alert: It was Dan, so, technically, Nate dated and broke up with him too.)

If Chace was going to take advice on how to deal with his breakup, what could he learn from Nate Archibald? Admittedly, most of it's not that good.

Get back together with an ex.

After season 1, we never thought we'd see Nate and Blair ever find their way back to each other again, but somehow it happened even though it was brief. And adorable. If there's a girl from Crawford's past that he's been missing and regretting leaving behind, then maybe now is a good time to look her up again.

Have a scandalous fling.

Remember that time Nate was having a summer fling with Duchess Catherine Beaton? Good times, good times. I'm not saying Crawford should have an affair with a married woman twice his age, but he should definitely consider a casual relationship like the one going on between Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez.

Get really, really drunk.

Nothing numbs the pain of a breakup like a few shot glasses, am I right? Obviously Crawford shouldn't indulge too much and he definitely shouldn't grab too many drinks while he's filming a project, but there's something to be said for the healing benefits of alcohol.

Look for a storyline.

Let's be honest. Nate spent half of his time on the show floating around while the creators either ignored him or tried in vain to find him a storyline that wasn't ridiculous. And they failed miserably on that front. Maybe now that he's single again, it's time for Crawford to start looking for a purpose in life that will help him grow.

Seek advice from Lonely Boy.

I'm not sure if Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley had a friendship as strong as Dan and Nate's from Gossip Girl, but Crawford should definitely seek out whoever is the Dan in his life for some sound advice and loyal support. Hopefully, his real-life Dan isn't blogging about his friends and family.

Focus on family.

Nate Archibald's family was a hot mess, each and every single one of them, but Chace Crawford's family isn't. While he's busy working on himself, now would also be a good time to visit his sister Candice Crawford or just recuperate at home for a little while, if he hasn't already.

Send a message to Gossip Girl.

Spotted: CC sending a tip to GG about where he'll be and what he's doing in case RG wants to accidentally-on-purpose run into him to reminisce about the good old days. The media may have already gotten wind of the fact that Crawford is single, but that's no reason he can't have some fun with them via anonymous tips. It might make him feel better.

Try to win her back.

If the breakup isn't as mutual as advertised, maybe Crawford should try winning Goulding back. Nate went with the good old "I found that little heart charm you stitched on the inside sleeve of my sweater" line to get back in Blair's good graces in Gossip Girl season 1, but all Crawford really has to do is smile and I'm sure Goulding will want him back.

Send in Chuck and Blair.

If the breakup isn't as mutual as advertised in a bad way, it could be time for Crawford to send in the revenge experts. Of course, Crawford is 28 years old, which might be a little too old to be playing petty revenge games on an ex, but I doubt Chuck and Blair ever gave up scheming even after they got married.

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