Netflix Cancels Saturday DVD Deliveries, 10 Pop Culture Characters Who Would Be Affected

In a financial move, Netflix has stopped their Saturday DVD delivery because DVDs are soooo 2002. The company actually stopped in June, but no one noticed until now because as Huffington Post points out, you probably didn't even notice. Who even has Netflix's DVD service anymore? I phased mine out when they started charging for streaming and DVDs separately. Now my computer doesn't even have a DVD drive. Times are a changing.

Netflix's DVD users are one third the size of their online streaming users, but they have feelings too, and the delivery stoppage has angered many people. "I am disappointed not only that Netflix is cutting service, but chose to do it very quietly," complained one user. "Streaming is of little value to me since I'm only interested in brand new releases and no one has those on streaming yet," said another.

But they're not the only ones who will be mad about the change in delivery schedule. Much like when I sought fictional characters' opinions on Taco Bell's Waffle Taco, here is another prime opportunity to think who in the pop culture world would still be stuck in the DVD past? The answer is that these 10 popular characters would also be upset at Netflix, because you just know they all still use DVDs over instant streaming.


She's sticking to DVD's because instant streaming is still a little too much "magic" for her.


At least Petunia's not the only Harry Potter character stuck in the past. Ron's dad would totally still order DVD's because he's obsessed with all things Muggle. But instead of playing them, he'd just pass the artifact around the dinner table so everyone can marvel at the contraptions normal people use for entertainment.


This Parks and Rec character wanted to order streaming years ago but can't figure out how to do it. Instead he just accidentally orders movies like The Shining thinking it's a documentary about polishing a rock collection.


Poor Steve Rogers is always trying to stay relevant, he even has a list of pop culture things he needs to check out.

Unfortunately, the times just change too quickly for him. By the time he got around to getting Netflix and learning how to operate his DVD player, instant streaming was the way to go.


He's always complaining about technology and how his family spend too much time on their phones. So you know he only got Netflix for the weekends Kylie and Kendall hang out at his Malibu house and he went with the DVDs because they're more old school.


Of course Orange is the New Black's Larry would be a Netflix DVD user. F*** you, Larry.


He has to watch his Battlestar Galactica, but he doesn't want the government spying on his farm so he gets the DVDs shipped to Angela's house. He would never risk streaming from home because of the NSA.


Let's face it, Netflix DVDs do offer way more of a selection and the Gilmore girls take their film viewing seriously. They're not going to chance a movie night on limited streaming selections and possibly shoddy Internet. They're DVDs all the way.


He dressed like a grandpa and was known for being a bit of a blundering guy at times. There is no way he's figured out online streaming yet.


Let's be real here, Homer's lucky that he even figured out DVD delivery, let alone instant streaming. D'oh!

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