Weird Al's "Foil" Parodies Lorde's "Royals" & It's Everything You Want It To Be — VIDEO

On the third day of videos, Weird Al gave to me... a random, irreverent song about tin foil! Weird Al's "Foil," which parodies Lorde's hit from last year "Royals," is exactly about that — aluminum foil — and all of the wonders that it can do, like wrap your sandwiches and protect you from the government. It's his latest installment in his "eight days of parody videos" plan, which feels like a genius comedic version of a seasonal holiday.

No, "Foil" doesn't make a statement about Lorde and what a cool lady she is, but it does do something else: It proves that a silly, funny parody that's on-point with the rhythm and cadence of the source material can be just as potent. Why? Because it makes us laugh. And, yeah, we need a song about tin foil because this is the Internet, and we like funny things. Plus, Weird Al is a master when it comes to taking popular songs and making them about something else. He's the guy that set the precedent for all of the musical parodies we see on the Internet today. (I'm lookin' directly at you, Frozen.)

Not to mention, it seems like Weird Al's daily videos keep getting better. First, we had the play on Pharrell's "Happy" with "Tacky," the celebratory jam for all the normcore folks out there, and then we had "Word Crimes," which turned Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" into a doctrine for grammar.

So, watch "Foil." It's everything you could possibly want a video about tin foil to be. And take note: an aluminum foil hat might not save you from everything.

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Image: College Humor/Youtube