Weird Al's Parody of Pharrell's "Happy" Actually Has a Strong Message — VIDEO

Weird Al Yankovic might be the king of musical parody, but every once in a while, his hilarious songs can pack a meaningful punch. Such is the case for his latest video, "Tacky," which is Weird Al's take on Pharrell's smash hit "Happy." Not only is Weird Al as seemingly ageless as Pharrell, but his parody is unsuspectingly uplifting, like the original. Sure, the video promotes certain kinds of tackiness that are downright obnoxious — like funeral selfies and bringing a coupon book on a date — but there are other kinds of tackiness that are rightfully celebrated. Wearing whatever you please and feeling DAMN FINE in it or feeling like "can't nothin'" bring you any shame might seem tacky, but Weird Al wants you to know that's totally okay.

For better or worse, at the end of the day, we're all a little tacky (is "tacky" the new "basic"?). So why not embrace belts with suspenders and sandals with our socks? YOU DO YOU. Weird Al is joined in his mission to bring tacky back by fellow comedians Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal, and Jack Black. Not only do they rock some seriously questionable outfits, they do it while dancing like a bunch of those giant, wacky inflatable tube men you see advertising used cars. Not everyone is a Queen Bey on the dance floor, and that's okay, too.

If you ask me, embracing your own weirdness and having fun with it is really what "happiness" is all about, isn't it? Weird on, Weird Al.