Seth MacFarlane Sued For Stealing 'Ted' Idea ... Wait, Who Else Thought 'Ted' Was a Good Idea?

In a shocking twist implying that someone else thought Ted was a good idea, Seth MacFarlane is being sued for stealing the idea for the hit movie. Apparently, there just aren't enough alcoholic, prostitute-bedding teddy bears to go around. Who'da thunk?

The lawsuit is being aimed at MacFarlane by Bengle Mangle Productions, a group who apparently shares MacFarlane's questionable taste in children's toys and also happens to have a production centered around a depraved teddy. Theirs is a web series, so you can understand why they'd be eyeing at the $549.4 million worldwide gross of the blockbuster. The raunchy teddy they've got can be seen in Charlie the Abusive Teddy and Acting School Academy, by the way, if you didn't get enough of that action the first time around or can't wait until the Ted sequel.

The best (or perhaps worst) part of the lawsuit is when the plaintiff lays out the similarities between the project while citing all the awfulness that happened in Ted — and apparently, that which also happened in Charlie the Abusive Teddy and Acting School Academy. For example, in Ted the teddy is seen “showing a woman all the lewd acts he wants to perform with her; using violence to get his point across to John; talking to Nora Jones about their sexual history, and making fat jokes even when his life is in danger.” Suffice it to say Charlie got into some similar hijinks, though sans Norah Jones.

Both such winners. Oh, and this is what Charlie looks like:

ActingSchoolAcademy on YouTube

Do we really need two of these? Less than one was enough.