Sia's Album Tops Billboard 200 During Its First Week & That's Not All the Good News

Huge news for the artist whose song, "Chandelier," you've been dancing crazy to in your room all month (don't worry, you can admit it here — I don't judge): According to Billboard, Sia has scored her first number one album on the Billboard 200, and her best sales week ever, with the release of her most recent album "1000 Forms of Fear" on July 8. You could say she "swung from the chandelier" to number one, if you will!

No, nevermind, bad pun. I used bad, bad judgment on that pun there.

The album, which was forecasted to debut at number one by Billboard only a day after it was released, is Sia's sixth studio album, and her third to actually make it onto the Billboard 200 chart: 2008's "Some People Have Real Problems" made it to number 26, and 2010's "We Are Born" (which included that song that made you cry on Gossip Girl , "I'm in Here") peaked at number 37.

It's no shocker that "1000 Forms of Fear" has performed so well, though: Along with Sia's strange promotion of the album (a.k.a., she hasn't shown her face once during any TV performance of the single "Chandelier," or during the music video), "Chandelier" has been a huge hit for her, and even inspired some great parodies due to its beautiful music video: This one, with Jimmy Kimmel, stands out.

Congrats to Sia! Well deserved.