Macklemore's Kitten Cairo Is the Cutest Celebrity Cat Ever — Sorry, Taylor Swift

Celebrities are the ultimate cat-ladies. Or men, if you're this "Same Love" singer. Apparently, while we were all obsessing over Nina Dobrev's blatant cat lady-ness and Taylor Swift's new kitten, the Internet missed out on something amazing. On Tuesday, People pointed out that Macklemore's kitten, Cairo, is the cutest is the cutest cat on Instagram. And it's in your absolute best interest — if you love anything furry, adorable, and heart-meltingly cute — to go follow Macklemore and Cairo on the social networking site right now.

According to his Instagram, Macklemore and Cairo got together on May 14 and they've been doing adorable things since. In the singer's first post and introduction to the adorable kitten, he wrote, "Best decision I've made in a long time.... Everyone meet Cairo. #cairothecat" Sigh — there's nothing I love more than a man with a kitten.

It totally shouldn't be surprising that Macklemore is an ultimate cat-guy, considering back in Aug. 2013, he posted the absurdly funny video "How To Hold A Cat" on YouTube. But, here I am, wondering how and why no one thought to tell me that Macklemore is killing the Instagram cat-game. The Grammy award-winner even has a separate Instagram set up for Cairo, complete with this adorable selfie:

C'mon, man. Here are some other adorable videos and photos of Cairo that will make you want to squeal. Seriously.

This Snuggling Shot

This Slo-Mo Playing Video

This Sleeping Photo

This can't be real, right?

This Blinged-Out Shot

Snuggling With Macklemore's Hand

This Perfectly Posed Shot

Can you handle the cuteness? Because I, for one, ABSOLUTELY can not.

Images: Macklemore (2), CairoTheCat (5)/Instagram