If Devin Goes, He Could Be Next

Let's be real: Devin is almost definitely getting evicted from the Big Brother house on Thursday. When Donny (#OldManBeatdown) saved the day and won the Vegas-themed Power of Veto competition, firmly solidifying the plan to backdoor Devin and putting him up on the block, the house guests cheered. It's not a good sign for your status in the house when your housemates are applauding just the idea of you leaving soon. And the thing is, Devin knows his days are about to be numbered. He knew it when he lost to Donny and he definitely knew it when he looked at his tattoo of his daughter's name (hey, did you know Devin had a daughter?) and got oh-so-sad. This season's biggest villain wasn't able to bully his way to the finale and he's about to pay the price. (That price being $500,000.)

And while Devin's inevitable exit will make life in the Big Brother house peaceful for everyone else, it should make Caleb really, really nervous. That's because when Devin goes, Caleb will be the house villain. Caleb has been considered a threat since he walked through the door, but he's increasingly become one of the most unsettling Big Brother houseguests ever and people other than Amber are starting to notice.

Caleb's crush on Amber hasn't been a secret, and that's because he's been a leering, creepy, pushy jerk to her. It's downright scary at times. His behavior during Wednesday night's episode was no exception. Once again he harassed Amber about his feelings for her and how he put himself on the block to "save" her. "What else do I have to do?" he asked. Oh, you could start by leaving her alone. In fact, his exact words to Amber were "If you're not my date to the finale I'm gonna be mad." Listen up Caleb: Amber owes you nothing .

If his behavior isn't enough to scare off the female houseguests (it really should), it certainly rubbed some of the guys the wrong way, especially Cody. Cody has quickly become friends with Amber, and Caleb spent a portion of Wednesday's episode watching them from the other room and listening in on their conversations. Yikes. Caleb, who referred to Amber as his "old girl" and "my queen" (you know, because Amber is a human being with free will that somehow belongs to him), confronted Cody about their "relationship" and his fears that they have something "going on." No, Caleb, they are just friends. What a shocker, men and women can just be friends.

Cody knows that Caleb's extreme possessive behavior regarding Amber makes him a loose cannon, not to mention the fact that the jealous Caleb will likely be gunning for Cody. With that knowledge, Cody let it be known to Derrick that he wants Caleb gone. It probably won't happen this week because everyone is going to vote for Devin to pack his bags, but Cody and Amber could definitely rally to get Caleb out of the picture next. For Amber's sake, I hope that's how things play out.

Image: CBS