Will his campaign to save himself work?

I have personally never been in the Big Brother house, but I assume the most painful way to get evicted is by a backdoor, since it forces you to spend the rest of the week with people who consider you already out of the house before you even leave. And that’s exactly what is happening for Devin, the man who turned on his own alliance in week two (TWO!). I can’t say it isn’t deserved — because it is completely deserved — but man, this guy is like a social pariah, he might as well just self-evict for a little bit of control over the situation. Of course Devin's inevitable and well-deserved eviction means that another awful houseguest will be safe for the week: Caleb.

On Tuesday, just a couple of days before his imminent eviction, Devin decide to give the Big Brother game one last try before he walked out of the house. At least he’ll have something to say when host Julie Chen asks, “Why didn’t you try to save yourself?” I don’t think his campaigning worked very well, since it seems the houseguests still consider him evicted already, but at least he tried, right? It’s almost painful to listen to Devin try to convince people to keep him.

Because Devin is on the block with Caleb, Devin decided to try to weaken Caleb’s game by suggesting that leaving Amber and Caleb in the game together is dangerous. It’s not that crazy of a campaign, since Caleb is nuts for Amber and put himself on the block this week to save her. Devin points out that Caleb will do anything to save Amber from leaving the house, he will always vote for her to stay, he will probably even use the Veto on her if he wins and she is nominated. This makes it hard for any other houseguest to feel safe nominating Amber, since the wrath of Caleb shall cometh after them. I’m not sure if this really saved Devin, as much as it convinced the other houseguests that Caleb has got to go ASAP.

Devin also attempted to convince Cody that he would be an extremely loyal alliance member if they spared his Big Brother game this week. Devin admitted he was so wrong by nominating Zach last week, and said he wouldn’t make the same mistake if he could do it all over again, and I’m thinking, “Uh, duh, that’s the only reason you’re going home.” Cody agreed that Devin is a much more useful player than Caleb, but unfortunately it would look bad for Cody’s game if he kept Devin over Caleb and voted against the house.

And that right there is the reason Devin’s campaign is never going to work. Maybe he is creating paranoia with the houseguests regarding Caleb and Amber, but no one, not even sweet little Donny who loves and forgives anyone for their wrongdoings, will vote against the majority of the house and vote to save Devin. To quote the brilliant Gretchen Wieners, "It's social suicide."

I only have one thing to say to Devin...

Images: CBS; Diary Room Sesh/Tumblr