'Big Brother's First Team America Challenge Actually Fooled the House About Zach

I have not been quiet about my distaste for this season's Team America twist on Big Brother . I think it's ridiculous to have a hand-picked secret alliance, rather than just let the houseguests build —and break — alliances on their own. After all, that's what makes Big Brother go 'round. Still, I have to admit that watching Team America — which currently consists of Derrick, Donny, and Frankie (Team America's first member Joey is long gone) — put their first challenge into action during Wednesday night's episode was kind of great. If only for entertainment purposes and that Zach, the target of their first challenge, willingly played along with their lie.

Team America's first challenge was to start a rumor that one of the houseguests is a relative of a former player. They opted to say that Zach is the cousin of Season 15's Amanda Zuckerman, and it worked like gangbusters. Not only do Amanda and Zach look like they could be related, but they are both brash loudmouths from Florida. Kudos to Team America, because that was the perfect choice.

Once Team America got the ball rolling on their own and got the rumor to start rippling throughout the house (Victoria knew it to be true), they put it in the hands of the one person they knew would spread it like wildfire: Zach himself. Zach, who is a self-proclaimed serial liar, was tickled by the rumor (I'm guessing Zach is happy when anyone is talking about him and in any capacity) and pretty much did all the heavy lifting for Team America. Brilliant.

Now, this first challenge was a pretty silly one that didn't seem to have any repercussions on Zach, so Team America hasn't actually done any damage yet. That said, their next challenge could definitely change all of that. Their next mission is to choose a player to put up that is either a floater or a physical threat. While Team America had fun this week, it'll be interesting to see what happens when they actually have to get their hands dirty. I'm still not convinced.

Image: CBS