'Married' Star Judy Greer Might Finally Stop Being "That Girl From That One Thing"

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The star of FX's new comedy Married, Judy Greer, has been working steadily in Hollywood for almost two decades now, yet if you showed her picture to a stranger on the street, they'd be hard pressed to remember her name. Greer's memoir, which she just published this past April, knowingly winks at this fact: it's cheekily titled I Don't Know What You Know Me From: Confessions Of A Co-Star. Though she's appeared in a wide array of genres, from romcoms to blockbusters to Oscar-nominated dramas, she's always been a bridesmaid and never a bride. It's time for that to change.

Greer finally has a starring vehicle in Married, which also features Nat Faxon (The Way Way Back) as her husband. She appeared in a major blockbuster this summer — though you may not have recognized her. She's voicing a character in Pixar's next film, The Good Dinosaur. She'll perform in Disney's mysterious Damon Lindelof/Brad Bird project Tomorrowland alongside George Clooney. And she's currently working on next summer's highly anticipated sequel Jurassic World. So, in preparation for her imminent break into the permanent spotlight, here's a refresher course on the Top 10 roles you kinda-sorta remember her from. (Don't you dare forget them this time.)

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