Tips for Kate Hudson's New Instagram

by Georgette Eva

Congratulations are in order for one of Hollywood's most loved stars. Kate Hudson has a new Instagram account! (Yes, this is cause for celebration.) Like many of the celebrities before you, you are enlisting in a time-honored tradition where you will share many filtered photos of your merry making, your award show prep, and several selfies of your hair on good and bad days. We cannot wait for you to get started, but unfortunately for us, you've only posted a single pic since you first got the account at the end of June.

Seriously, since the glam squad at her InStyle cover shoot set her up on the app, her 52,977 followers only have one photo of the Wish I Was Here actress. This is fine, because what with vacations on the beach with her fiancé and Muse front man Matt Bellamy and doing the press line with co-star Zach Braff, an Instagram account can fall on the wayside. Thankfully, however, Hudson promised that it's still on her to-do list. “I was just in the car thinking about it!” she said to InStyle. “I’m going to post one soon!”

That’s promising and we can't wait for her to get going, but just in case she needs some tips, here are four ways some savvy Instagram celebs have used their accounts. You know, just so Hudson can start on the right foot.

Post Selfies like Kim Kardashian

Hubby Kanye was right to call her the “No. 1 person on Instagram,” because the reality star is pretty much the queen of Instagram. She posts daily — whether they’re her photos or photos she finds from the press — and she is not afraid to take a selfie. Whether she’s lying in bed, getting her make-up done, or obviously taking a mirror selfie, Kim K. has no shame in snapping a pic of herself, and her 16+ million followers don’t mind.

Have Surprise Celebrity Cameos like Taylor Swift

Because only Taylor Swift can get the likes of Lena Dunham, Emma Stone, Jessica Szohr, Ingrid Michaelson, Jamie King, Odeya Rush, and Jessica Stam to sit on a couch like one big happy family. Swift’s Instagram account is always fun to keep up with because you never really know who will pop up next. One day she’ll have Hailee Steinfeld over to bake cookies, and the next, she’ll be jamming out with Ed Sheeran. Sigh, just another day in the life.

Embrace Her Goofy Side like Anna Kendrick

A celebrity’s Instagram is always better when they embrace sharing the ridiculous, the funny, and the real, and Anna Kendrick is a great example of using the app to let loose. You can tell she posts the photos herself, and she always has a punchline in her comments under her snaps. Whether it’s a smarmy quip about a vat of sprinkles or just hanging with the gals on the set of Pitch Perfect 2, Kendrick’s luscious hair and fun personality shines through.

Give Behind the Scenes Looks like Mindy Kaling

Who wouldn’t want to work with the hilarious Mindy Kaling? Whether she’s getting ready for Hollywood parties or on a writers’ retreat for her show, Kaling’s a regular Carmen Sandiego because we're never sure where she'll pop up next. With her work as creator and writer for The Mindy Project she's always teasing fans with photos behind the scenes from the script or the set. (The above pic shows how she originally wanted the series to have animated credits!)

If Hudson follows these tips, she'll be good to go! Now we just have to wait and see if she ever updates the thing.