Joaquin Phoenix's Upside Down Forehead In 'Her' Is The Creepiest, Funniest Thing Ever — VIDEO

And now, bringing you the creepiest, funniest, weirdest thing of the day... Joaquin Phoenix's upside down forehead in Her . You might be thinking, whaaat? — and that's an entirely appropriate response. But before you jump to any conclusions, you should be aware of the fact that this video will prove to you that Phoenix's upside down forehead is a character of its own.

I kid you not — it has a bigger personality than the titular lady in the movie. Not only is the forehead's personality bigger than Scarlett Johansson's breathy-voiced Samantha, but unlike the lusty-voiced Samantha, who did not have a corporeal representation of herself, this forehead does. It's there. You can see it move. It looks like it has a mouth.

So, here's the Internet high five of the day to the people who thought it would be a stellar idea to take Phoenix's forehead in Her, flip it upside down, and watch it move. BRILLIANT. Her got plenty of accolades, but this new spin on the movie should get the same level of adulation.

But I believe that there's an even bigger takeaway from this video: if an operating system can have feelings and emotions, so can an upside down forehead. And now, Internet, I pitch this to you: That, a movie about a person in love with a forehead.

You can watch the upside down forehead as it personifies creepiness and hilarity below.