Jason's Eric Sex Dream & 7 Enlightening 'True Blood' Sex Scenes From Season 7

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Let's be honest with each other, shall we? I think that by now, as True Blood hits the halfway point of its seventh and final season, we can all agree that the campy vampire soap opera isn't HBO's highest quality show. And no matter what reason you may tell other people you continue to watch — the insane plot twists, the characters you've loved for seven years, whatever — we all know the truth. It's the sex.

For seven years, True Blood has been just about the most unapologetically sex-filled show on the air, and its steamy scenes of fornication appeal to just about every demographic. There's every kind of sex you can think of: human/human, human/vampire, fairy/vampire, fairy/werewolf, human/werepanther, straight sex, gay sex, love sex, hate sex, sex in dreams and sex in reality, sex clothed and sex unclothed, sex on the floor, in beds, in cars, in forests, in graveyards, twosomes, threesomes, and orgies galore. And with gorgeous actors like Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgaard, Deborah Ann Woll, and Ryan Kwanten, it's hard to complain.

So let's dispense with all pretense and talk about what really matters to True Blood fans. Here, in chronological order, are all the sex scenes so far from Season 7, each given a letter grade for its sexiness (and perhaps inventiveness, too). Enjoy.

Image: HBO

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