25 Things Only Younger Sisters Understand

by Anna Klassen

For all intents and purposes, my family is pretty much The Brady Bunch. We are three boys and three girls brought together by a blended family. And in the scheme of the fabled octuplet, I am the youngest of the clan. I am the yellow-haired, pigtail-wearing Cindy Brady. And while my older siblings were nothing like the conceited Marcia Brady or nerdy Jan, we certainly had our own quirky dynamic. If only we had our own Alice Nelson to temper any familial drama with a perfectly prepared meatloaf or Sunday trip to Sears.

My home life was anything but 1970s perfect, but I can't deny how fortunate my large family truly was: I grew up in a loving home with five older siblings, two kickass parents, and many, many dogs. But just like any role in the family, being the youngest sister undoubtably comes with its benefits (you're always treated like the baby) and limitations (... you're always treated like the baby). So this Sister's Day, let's take a minute to recognize some of the things only we little sisters understand. Because all youngest sisters will relate: There are just some things we had to learn the hard way.

You always knew you could get away with anything

Because your older siblings probably already did something way worse, and your problems were old hat.

Though there are shockingly fewer baby photos of you than there are of your siblings

Once you reach the third kid, a baby's a baby's a baby ... Am I right?

You know you will always be thought of as the baby, no matter how old you get

and even now, jokes about your age are ever-present

I recently went to a family reunion, and my older cousins relentlessly asked me if I was old enough to drive, order drinks at the bar, and so on.

Hand-me-downs were always a given

Can we just call it "vintage" and move on?

Your older siblings liked to mess with you by saying you were adopted

though sometimes, they were nice

whatever, you know who else was a youngest sibling?

and hello

You got used to responding to other names ...

... your older siblings' names, your pets' names, and whatever other inanimate object your parents accidentally call you.

... and watching video games instead of playing them

Somehow, it was never your turn.

If you had older sisters, they used you as their Barbie doll IRL

Hello awkward haircuts and markers on your face.

Being the little sister meant being a servant to your older siblings

Go fetch me a cup of milk and a box of Oreos, child!

the day your older sibling finally let you into his/her room was glorious

Like entering Neverland, or Wonderland, or a really terribly decorated cube that smelled of dirty socks.

The threat of being 'killed' for doing this or saying that lost its sting very quickly

R-Rated movies never fazed you

Because your older siblings would let you watch whatever you wanted when your parents weren't home.

You understand how easily common household items can be turned into torture devices

My brothers' favorite was a dog cage. #NeverForget

Before you had friends over, you'd rush to your room to make sure nothing had been tampered with

My brother had a penchant for drawing penises on my bedroom walls ... because you know, that's really funny to sixth-grade girls.

Your Older Siblings Gave You a Hard Time when you overlapped at school

at least in high school you always had someone who could buy you alcohol

You know... if you were into that sort of thing

You paid for your own college education

Cause ain't no parent got time to save for their nth child's college fund.

You know your significant others will always be a tough sell to your siblings and extended family

because you're still their little girl

Always will be.

yes, you really related to the lyrics of this song

and though you may be the baby, you really wouldn't trade it for anything

Because at least this way, you know someone always has your back.

Happy Sister's Day!

Images: Tumblr; Giphy; Wifflegif