These Mannequins Will Haunt Your Nightmares

by Samantha Matthews

Just last week mannequins got a much needed and appreciated makeover in the world of retail merchandising. And it's about time stores got the hint: Customers want to see mannequins that look like them modeling the clothes they're deciding to buy (duh). JC Penney introduced "real size" mannequins that were modeled after actual humans and are currently on display in the JC Penney store in the Manhattan Mall through the summer. But that's not all in the news of mannequins.

Back in December, Pro Infirmis created a line of mannequins based off real people with disabilities. Although the advancements being made by retailers through their mannequins is awesome, it's hard to forget the creepier mannequins of the past — and the present.

In a weird case of role reversal, humans are even imitating mannequins: Marc Jacobs fall 2014 campaign included models posing as creepy mannequins. So before we move on to only realistic looking mannequins that make us feel great about ourselves, let's take a look back at the 21 creepiest mannequins ever that used to be part of the norm. Beware! Some of these mannequins are downright terrifying.

1. The 'Girlfriend'

This mannequin is actually a shower head created by a lonely guy looking for a girlfriend. The water comes out of her mouth, in case you were wondering.

2. The Happy Hat Wearer

The mannThequin is excited and I'm terrified.

3. The Laughing Duo

Double the mannequins, double the creepiness.

4. The Headless Mannequin

Why is this mannequin's head a cone? Some questions are better left unanswered.

5. The Frightened Girl

She looks as scared as I am.

6. The Long Necked Lady

I don't think she woke up like this.

7. The Accessorizer

It seems strange to me that a mannequin would need to have its mouth open when it can't talk, but who am I to judge.

8. The Body-less Mannequin

No body, no problem. This mannequin is still rocking on.

9. The Miley Mannequin

Chet was always ruining their photos with his goofy faces, but Bill and Dave kept him around for the laughs.

10. The Injured

This mannequin has seen better days.

11. The Naked Girl

The crouched down position, the nakedness, the closed eyes...It's all terrifying.

12. The Three Musketeers...

Of horror that is.

13. The Witchy Woman

I don't think she has eyes, but it seems as if she can see right into your soul.

14. The Workers

The blue eyed boy in the bottom right is one hundred percent creepy!

15. The Gangster

What perfect teeth this toddler has.

16. The Armless, All Tongue Guy

Another Miley copycat mannequin.

17. The Naked Baby

I feel as though it's creepier because the mannequin is naked and a baby.

18. The Broken Boy

Real hair and a broken face make this mannequin a sad sack — not to mention scary.

19. The Lifelike Lady

She is way too real for my liking.

20. The Underwear Model

His head is way too small for his body.

21. The Beat Up Mannequin

What better way to sell children's clothes then with a terrifying mannequin that looks like it's been beaten up...