Cheryl Burke Responds to Plastic Surgery Rumors Again But She Shouldn't Have To

What will it take for people to stop badgering Dancing With the Stars' Cheryl Burke about her appearance? A few years back, people criticized her for being overweight (seriously?), and now, US Weekly reports that an Instagram photo she posted of herself wearing a bikini unleashed the fury of people who accused her of being anorexic and having lip injections. During an interview with Access Hollywood, Burke admitted to having a thinner physique these days, but she credited her 25-lb. weight loss to more exercise and a healthier diet, and once again, denied claims that Cheryl Burke had plastic surgery.

It's really annoying that she's confronted with this issue so often. Burke's far from being the only famous person to deal with this aggressive line of questioning about cosmetic enhancements, which, by the way, surpassed the level of ridiculous a long time ago. Sure, celebrities are public figures and maintaining a particular image is of the utmost importance in their line of work. But regardless of the public's constant quest for confirmation of a celebrity's nip and tuck, stars like Burke really shouldn't be expected to formally announce any cosmetic procedures, whether they underwent surgery or not.

Would it make critics feel better if she did, in some way, cosmetically alter her appearance and subsequently own up to it? Probably not. For that reason alone, Burke, along with other celebs (and anyone for that matter), should continue to nip and tuck (or not) as they see fit.

It would be great if Burke's critics could stop beating this dead horse already. Although that's probably one of the most extreme examples of wishful thinking, the good thing about this situation is Burke seems to have a healthy way of dealing with the backlash. "Now I just have to let it go and as long as I feel good and I'm happy that's all that matters," she said.

I couldn't agree with that sentiment more.