Caleb & Alison Might Kiss On 'Pretty Little Liars' But There's Got To Be An Explanation For It

If you thought that the love triangle between Travis, Hanna, and Caleb could get ugly, just wait until you hear a recent spoiler about another love triangle springing up in Rosewood. According to Pretty Little Liars writer Bryan Holdman's recent tweet, Caleb and another Rosewood girl might be getting pretty close in Season 5... like, lips-touching close. Holdman hinted that Caleb and Ali will kiss in Season 5, prompting fans everywhere to collectively sob into their pillows. Whether you believe that Caleb and Hanna should be endgame or not, I think any Pretty Little Liars fan can agree that one couple that definitely shouldn't be is Caleb and Ali.

I mean, come on, PLL writers: Ali and Caleb? Really? Really? Though I don't need to tell any PLL fans about all of the reasons why that would be awful, I'll start with the big one: Hanna. Hanna's been an extremely supportive friend to Ali since she got back to Rosewood, dragging her from doctor's appointments to funerals to train stations for hasty escape plans. It's bad enough that Ali already spent years of Hanna's life making her feel like crap about her body (FYI, body snarking friends are not real friends) but it would be particularly cruel for Ali to kiss the love of her life.

But while I don't exactly trust Ali to not hook up with Caleb for Hanna's sake alone, I do think that Ali is smarter than to alienate one of the few people in Rosewood who doesn't think she's the spawn of Satan. Could there be another reason for Ali and Caleb to kiss? There are other possibilities why this potential kiss could happen — and not all of them paint Ali as a monster. Here are some theories that would make sense as to why Ali and Caleb could lock lips. (But please, let's hope they don't.)

It's For A School Play

Hanna did say that the little liars needed hobbies — and Ali did tell Ezra that she might like to be an actress one day. Ali's an exceptional liar which would mean that acting would be the perfect after school activity for her to pick up. Ali and Caleb could be cast as co-stars in a play where they have to stage kiss — perfectly innocent, right?

It's To Make Hanna Jealous

Sometimes you have to do a bad thing so you can ultimately do a good one — at least that's Ali's logic for why she does messed-up things to her friends. Ali knows that Hanna is having a hard time choosing between Caleb and Travis — Ali could kiss Caleb to prove to Hanna that she cares more about Caleb than she does Travis. If the kiss leads to a Haleb reunion, Hanna might not even be that mad at Ali for it... though, uh, I still would be.

It's A Plan To Lure A Out of Hiding

Back in Season 2, Hanna and Mona hatched a plan to prove Melissa was A (she wasn't) by having Mona and Caleb make out in a parked car. Unfortunately, Mona — also known as the Original A — totally played Hanna, which meant the plan failed. But just because the plan failed back in Season 2 doesn't mean that they couldn't try the same thing on one of their new A suspects — my money is still on Wren.

It's a Dream Sequence

Or, rather, a nightmare. The liars have so many mixed feelings towards Ali being back in their lives, and Ali's already ruined nearly all of their relationships at one point or another. Would it be that surprising to see Hanna (or, really, any of the liars) having a nightmare about Ali creeping in on Hanna's former boyfriend? No. No, it wouldn't.

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