Kate Is a 'Return to Amish' Success Story

Making it on your own is not easy for any young adult, but it must be especially hard when you're not used to all the conveniences of the modern world. Nearly two years after Kate Stoltz left her strict Amish upbringing on the TLC docuseries Breaking Amish, we watched her continue to pursue her dreams of becoming a supermodel while trying to find her way in the fierce fashion metropolis of New York City this season on Return to Amish .

Of the original Breaking Amish crew, Kate seems to be the one who has adjusted to English life the best. She has a job and an apartment in one of the toughest cities in the world to make it in, and she is actually doing what she loves, to boot. This season, we've seen Kate go on dates, swig a few vodka cranberries with Mary, and book a show in New York Fashion Week. At the end of last Sunday's season finale, we learned that Kate is now trying to start her own fashion line, in addition to modeling. Growing up Amish, Kate is well-acquainted with making her own clothes, so this is a natural progression for her.

Right now, Kate seems to be making headway in the fashion industry, booking some nice modeling gigs. After her major lingerie shoot that Jeremiah flipped out over on Return to Amish, posing in a bikini on the beach seemed to be a breeze for Kate, who shot a swimsuit spread with model Rain Dove. She also recreated Danish supermodel Helena Christensen's January 2000 Elle U.K. cover. Kate actually looks kind of like Christensen, all dolled up like that, doesn't she? She combined her passion for fashion and modeling when she recently posed for Shoeholics Magazine , wearing a scarf she made herself.

With success often comes controversy, and rumors started swirling around that Kate was interested in getting plastic surgery. Life & Style reported that an "insider" claimed that Kate had visited a plastic surgeon in New York City, and she's looking for a doctor to perform surgery on her nose. Since there are very little details about this, and the information came from an "insider," we shouldn't put too much stock in this claim, but from the preview of Sunday night's Return to Amish reunion, it looks like these rumors will be addressed. And if they are true, it would just go to show that Stoltz is learning all too well what it sometimes, unfortunately, takes to live in the English world.

Image: Julian Rad/TLC