7 Ways He Should Deal With Amber's Rejection

On this season of Big Brother, there are three things you can't get through an episode without learning immediately. The first is that Frankie Grande is Ariana Grande's brother. The second is that Devin Shepherd has a daughter. The third is that Caleb Reynolds is in love with Amber Borzotra. While the first two things were running jokes, Caleb's love/obsession for Amber has reached uncomfortably creepy levels the longer he refuses to get the memo that she's not that into him and continues to treat her like she's obligated to return his feelings. Honestly, Amber has already told him she isn't interested once and it's starting to look like she might have to do it again and soon.

Amber is getting ready to take back some control of her game and distance herself from Caleb while Caleb is starting to pick up on the fact that Amber seems a lot more into Cody than she is into Caleb, so the situation might just have a chance of resolving itself. However, with Caleb being the kind of intense (and intensely misogynistic) person that he is, the situation probably won't resolve itself in a way that helps Amber or her game in any way. Honestly, if Caleb is ready to finally face the fact that Amber will never like him like that, then I've got some suggestions on how he can deal with his broken heart.

Get Over It

No, seriously, get over it. Amber told Caleb that she wasn't interested the very instant he brought his feelings for her to her attention and Caleb has been hanging on like a dog with a bone ever since. He needs to watch Frozen so he can learn to LET IT GO. Insta-love is for young adult novels and it requires more than a little reciprocity, Caleb. The sooner he gets over it, the better for everyone.

Find a New Showmance

Although she's incredibly beautiful, Amber is far from the only girl in the house. Christine and Jocasta might be married, but Nicole and Brittany are both single. Of course, I'd love to see Nicole and Hayden finally hook up and the last thing Brittany needs after Devin's eviction from the house is another competitive giant being obsessed with her, but at least with one of them Caleb might have a shot at having his feelings returned.

Focus on His Friendships

Clearly Caleb has never heard of getting by with a little help from his friends because he spends way too much time in his conversations with the other guys in the house talking about Amber. They're all sick of it and it's going to hurt his game in the long run. Caleb needs to focus less on Amber and focus more on building his friendships. People like Caleb as a person; they just don't like him as a romantic partner.

Get Himself Evicted

If Caleb really feels like Amber is a liability to his ability to play the game, then maybe he should get himself evicted. He's already proven that he's willing to put himself up on the block to save Amber, so why not save her by removing himself as her competition entirely? Outside of the house, Caleb will be free to flirt with girls who actually want to flirt back instead of being trapped in an endless obsession with a girl who has been nothing but honest about not wanting him.

Keep His Eyes on the Prize

At the end of the day, the house guests are on Big Brother to win the game not to fall in love. Caleb would do well to remember that and let his obsession with Amber take a back seat to getting his head back in the game. However, knowing Caleb, he'd probably take this as an opportunity to get Amber evicted so he could punish her and concentrate at the same time — so hopefully Amber and the house guests backdoor him first. Seriously, guys. It worked on Devin.

Get a New Hobby

Caleb might be trapped in the Big Brother house, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have better things to do than watch Amber's every move. He can workout in the backyard, he can lay in the hammock, he can play a game with the other house guests, he can try to prove that Donny is ex-military, he can take long naps and stay up all night baking. He should do anything besides watch Amber, basically.

Apologize to Amber

The first thing on his list should be to apologize to Amber for his obsession, for his misogyny, for his behavior, and for the negative impact he's been having on her game. Caleb has spent way too much time in this game punishing Amber for her right to say no and, while an apology won't fix all of that, it would certainly help a little if he meant it. I wouldn't blame Amber one bit for not accepting it, though.

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