Oh No — Not Baby Jess!

by Christine DiStasio

Please, God, spare us. It looks like the one and only Jess could be next to die on True Blood. The series has been unceremoniously blood-thirsty in its final season. With only six episodes left of the series, I just have to ask: "Which character will die next?" So far in Season 7, True Blood killed Tara before the opening credits of its premiere and two weeks ago, we found out that Joe Manganiello's Alcide is really dead. If True Blood sticks to the trend its started in Season 7, the next one is going to be someone important, someone we love, and someone we'd never expect — someone like Bill's progeny Jess.

Honestly, I've been surprised this season — True Blood has always been heavy on the whole death thing, but most series regular characters have survived absurd circumstances over the years. (Especially Bill, who survived last season's Lilith fiasco to continue haunting us with Sook-ehs.) But so far, Season 7 has been a whole new ball game that started when the show killed Tara off in the least ceremonious and unsatisfying way ever and don't even get me started on that whole Alcide thing. While the no-holds-barred approach to death of characters that actually matter has given True Blood's final season a breath of fresh air (I know they're vampires but, there's no possible way any of these characters would've survived this long IRL), it also, obviously, means that no one is safe.

Which leads me to Jess quite possibly being True Blood's next victim and here's why:

We Love Her

The show has already killed off two fan-favorite characters in Season 7 and True Blood fans love Deborah Ann Woll almost as much as we'd love for Bill to stop saying Sook-eh. So, she's absolutely got a HUGE target on her back. It'd shock everyone from Bon Temps to little, old me in Brooklyn and well, I'm pretty much convinced at this point that by the series finale, Bon Temps and everyone in it except for Bill and Sookie will burn. So there's that.

But She Has A Death Wish

Jess is still so messed up from draining all of Adilyn's faery sisters in Season 6 and from watching Bill, her maker, go completely berserk with all of that Lilith transcendence crap. Now, she's devoted herself to protecting Adilyn at all costs, whether Andy Bellefleur wants her to or not. And we've all seen Jess go down this emotional, self-destructive road before, when she and Hoyt broke up. This won't end well.

It Follows The Pattern

Vampires, werewolves, and people close to Sookie are dying in Season 7. That seems to be the pattern thus far — first Tara, her best friend, and then Alcide, her boyfriend and seemingly her best chance at a normal life. So, while Jess isn't the closest character to Sookie who's still left, she'd still call Sookie if she were in a pinch and she is Bill's progeny. Plus, I have my doubts that Jason's going to go this early in the season. Sorry, Jess.

It'd Push Bill & Sookie Closer

It seems like the entire premise of True Blood's final season is to push Sookie and Bill back together. So far, they've killed off people close to Sookie to make Bill her only option for comfort, security and romance. Which means it's only a matter of time before Bill gets hit hard too and has no choice but to crawl to Sookie for strength because, let's face it, she's the toughest character on True Blood. And really, other than Sookie, the only person's death that would effect Bill at this point is Jess. Again: sorry, girl.

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