11 Times Caleb Was a Total Creep

by Kadeen Griffiths

Caleb Reynolds has made absolutely no secret of the fact that he's "in love" with Amber Borzotra, but he seems to be the only person in the Big Brother house who doesn't seem to realize that his love is more like obsession and that he's being as creepy and misogynistic about it as humanly possible. Amber gets no say in whether or not she wants to be involved in this showmance. She either has to be nice to Caleb or she has to run the risk of Caleb actively working to get her evicted because she doesn't like him. If that doesn't make you want to shudder, then maybe reflecting on some of the ways in which Caleb has harassed Amber with his feelings will.

The fact of the matter is, Caleb is acting like an entitled brat. He thinks that just because he likes Amber then Amber has to like him back. What Amber wants doesn't matter to him and that's how we know he's not really in love. While it's hard to pick exactly which of Caleb's most obsessive moments were the creepiest, these 11 times more or less stand out among the rest and will probably sum up a lot of his actions in the future.

Caleb assumes he knows Amber's feelings better than she does.

From the very beginning of the competition, Caleb has been projecting his feelings onto Amber. When Amber found out that Caleb liked her and tried to distance herself from him to avoid that showmance, Caleb assumed that obviously Amber had been avoiding him because she didn't want people to know she liked him. Later, he assumed she wasn't being forthcoming about her feelings because she was shy about being on television.

Caleb overestimates every aspect of their relationship.

Caleb is a huge fan of elevating his relationship with Amber to something much larger than it is. As Amber tried to get to know him and everyone else in the house as potential friends, Caleb was already referring to her as his girlfriend behind her back. After they made peace from her rejection, he bumped her up to the status of "my queen". Even before all that, he was pointing to Amber as the kind of girl he'd love to take home to his mother less than a week after they had met for the first time.

Caleb never asks for Amber's input on his plans for their future.

Remember that time Caleb hadn't even told Amber how he felt yet but was still admitting to people that he was willing to follow her to Los Angeles if she ended up moving there? Remember that time that Caleb was already planning their dates and their eventual wedding after they both got out of the house? Remember that time Caleb was just a total creep who didn't ask for Amber's input on any of this? Apparently, Caleb has no trouble planning a whole future for Amber that includes him but doesn't include her opinion.

Caleb wears Amber's things as tokens of her affection.

The same day that Caleb spoke to Amber about his feelings, the other house guests pointed out beforehand that he was wearing Amber's dress around his neck like a scarf. Caleb easily admitted that he'd been wearing it all day. These days, Caleb is more about the head scarves, but there are fans who suspect that even these scarves belong to Amber. Apparently, if he can't get Amber to love him then he can at least feel close to her by stealing her stuff.

Caleb told Amber how she felt about him.

There was absolutely everything wrong with the way Caleb chose to go about telling Amber that he cared about her. In the first place, he opened by saying "I've seen how you look at me." I'm sorry, I thought this was about Caleb telling Amber how he feels about her. Where exactly does he get off telling her how he interprets her looks? Even worse, he went on to say that everyone sees how she looks at him and everyone thinks that she likes him, while a bewildered Amber just stared at him and blankly responded that she had no idea what he was talking about.

Caleb tries to get Amber evicted for not liking him back.

There have two instances at this point where Caleb has talked about wanting to get Amber up on the block for some perceived slight. The first time, Devin lied and told Caleb that Amber had been talking smack about him behind his back, which led to Caleb making misogynistic rants to anyone who would listen and campaigning to get her evicted. The second time, Caleb was so offended by Amber's friendship with Cody that he talked about getting her booted for not appreciating everything that he'd done for her. Seriously?

Caleb gets jealous of Amber's other relationships.

If Amber so much as glances at another person in the house, Caleb is giving that person the death stare and sulking like a jilted lover. Even though he and Amber are just friends, if even that much, apparently she's not allowed to have other guy friends. God forbid she get another showmance. And calling Caleb, Cody, and Amber any kind of love triangle is just laughably offensive to Amber.

Caleb throws the Battle of the Block and tries to collect.

When Derrick told Caleb that Amber was going up on the block, Caleb wanted to protect his "queen". He told Amber that he was going to volunteer to be nominated and throw the competition for her, even though Amber told him not to. Then, when he was done, Caleb actually had the nerve to go to Amber and try to collect some kind of reward for doing so, going as far to say that he'd be "mad if [she] won't be his date to the finale".

Caleb lurks around whenever Cody and Amber are anywhere.

It's not bad enough that Caleb is jealous of any of Amber's other relationships, but apparently he has to be as creepy about it as possible. Not only did he watch Cody and Amber on the HoH screens like a stalker, but he also has a tendency to lurk in any room the two of them are in, giving them dirty looks as he passes. You can practically hear the Jaws theme playing every time he does it. There's no doubt about it. Caleb is a creep.

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