This Is Not a Love Triangle

This guy has been trouble since he laid eyes on poor, poor Amber. And at the outset of Thursday's episode of Big Brother, the series had the nerve to paint Caleb's stalkery "affection" towards Amber as part of a "love triangle." Newsflash, everyone: All sides of a love triangle need to be consensual.

Of course, it's probably the last time Caleb will ever be anywhere near Amber now that he's up for elimination alongside Devin. Immediately after the "love triangle" bomb was dropped, we watch as slowly, whispers of Caleb's elimination creep around the house. While he's worrying about Amber, he's losing his grip on the competition and "bad guy" Devin might actually survive this round. Caleb, by all rights, is out.

And if that comes to fruition, the rest of us can breathe a sigh of relief. No more talk about the way Amber "looks" at him. No more mysoginistic commentary. No more claims that Amber would like him "if he were darker," whatever the hell that is about. This guy and his Instagram (you know, the one that once rattled on about beating a hog to death) could actually go home.

Would we survive without the incessant nonsense that spouts like water from Caleb's fountain mouth (on the live feeds, anyway)? Yeah, you guys. I think we could handle that.

Image: CBS