Just How Douchey Was His AMA?

On a scale of douche to super douche, just how douchey was Zach Braff's AMA? You be the judge, my friends. While I'd like to exist in a little sub-development of the universe in which Zach Braff is both J.D. from Scrubs and the guy who gave me the twee soundtrack to my formative years (hello, Garden State), I don't think Zach Braff breaks out into "Guy Love" with Donald Faison on a daily basis. He does, however, endorse his art and himself a whole lot.

But he knows that everyone craps on him all the time for his self-congratulating persona. He knows that people long for the days of Scrubs. His AMA showed that he, indeed, is aware of how people perceive him. So does that grant him some points? Or does that make him a self-referential egotist? YOU BE THE JUDGE.

Here are some quotes from his AMA, where he hoped to discuss his work, Wish I Was Here, but instead was forced to discuss Scrubs (win!), his distaste for appletinis (nooo!), and his taste for Donald Faison. (It's guy love, you guys. Seriously.)

Prep your douche-o-meters, folks. Let's take a look!

His bio read as follows:

On how he is affected by critical reception:

On what he does when he's having a bad day:

Don't know what "clear the chamber" is? Let Zach Braff explain it to you.

On tattoos:

On what Harry Styles smells like:

On how he wanted Scrubs to end:

On his favorite alcoholic beverage:

J.D. fans were not pleased to hear that.

On Rampart:

Note: He never answers it.

On Wish I Was Here getting a really bad Rotten Tomatoes review:

So how douchey was he?

He was typical Zach Braff! Which means he was appropriately semi-douchey. But you have to respect the Scrubs talk, even if you know he only referenced J.D. to get you to see his movie.

He also likes to talk about balls. Zach Braff, everyone.

Still, after reading the AMA, your opinion — whether you think of him as a douche or as an okay kind of a dude — probably has not changed. But you can just think of him like this, if you'd like:

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