MH17 Passenger Quinn Lucas Schansman Is The First U.S. Citizen Confirmed Aboard The Flight

On Friday, President Obama confirmed that at least one American was aboard Malaysia Airlines MH17 — a dual U.S.-Dutch citizen named Quinn Lucas Schansman. Schansman was on his way to visit his family, who were already vacationing in Malaysia, when the Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down on Thursday in eastern Ukraine. U.S. analysts have confirmed that the plane was struck by a Russian-made surface-to-air missile, which White House officials said Russia had given to separatist rebels in Ukraine.

Early reports initially stated that 23 Americans were on flight MH17, but after more information was released, that number seemed to be wrong. "At this point, the individual that I mentioned is the sole person that we can definitively say was a U.S. or dual citizen," Obama said in a press conference on Friday.

That individual is Quinn, a dual citizen who studied business and lived in Amsterdam. Quinn is survived by his mother, Katja Teunissen, father Thomas Schansman, sister Nerissa Schansman, little brother, and girlfriend Floor van Dranen.

Quinn's Facebook profile shows that he moved to Amsterdam on April 24, where he was studying at the International Business School at Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

According to Quinn's Facebook timeline, he and his girlfriend, Floor, have been dating since last September.

Hours after Quinn died, Floor changed her cover photo to one of the couple kissing.

Quinn posted numerous pictures with his brother, sister, and other family members.

In Quinn's social media photos, he's often surrounded by friends, laughing and enjoying himself.

An evidently avid traveler, Quinn has posted several pictures of exotic locales on his Instagram, including these shots of Malta.

Quinn seemed to be following in his father's footsteps, since Thomas Schansman is an executive at Dutch multinational bank Rabobank, and according to CBS San Francisco, has a Menlo Park address.

In the Likes section, Quinn listed electronic music DJ Ricardo Villalobos and the Time Warp techno party under musical interests, and AFC Ajax under favorite sports. Some of the other interests he Liked included working out, sneakers, and pizza.

Images: Quinn Schansman/Facebook, quinnschansman/Instagram