Justin Bieber Attempts Cliff Diving & Wow, It Looks Painful — VIDEO

Oh to be young, reckless, and devoid of any sense of self. In your latest dis-belieber news of the day, TMZ has shared a video of Justin Bieber as he attempts to cliff dive in Malibu Creek because Bieber knows no bounds. He's committed a misdemeanor. He's been around the tabloid block. Cliff diving? No biggie. Bring it on, the CLIFFS!

But there's one very important detail here: the operative word is "attempt." Even though Bieber may, ahem, beliebe that he is invincible, he is not very good at cliff diving. The sound that you hear at the end of the video is painful, to say the very least. A jacked bank account, alas, cannot grant you cliff diving skills.

But, hey, isn't it a nice change to see Bieber getting some attention for something other than his bouts with the law? Now that his egg-throwing debacle has finally come to a halt, we can focus on his everyday recklessness. We also have the opportunity to engage in some good ol' fashioned schadenfreude as we hear the loud SPLAT. (Somewhere, his lawyer is shaking his head.)

You can watch Bieber's cliff diving attempt below. Just uh, don't try this at home, folks.