Their First Wedding Dress is an Ethereal Fantasy

What do Mary Kate and Ashley say when you ask if they’d like to design your wedding dress? Apparently, “You got it dude.” The Olsen Twins have designed their first bridal gown, and it’s fit for an elven queen. Well, an elven queen or an LA stylist. Is there really a difference between the two anyway? The lucky bride was Molly Fishkin, a Hollywood-based wardrobe stylist who grew up with MK & A. If we can describe the frock as anything, it was The Row meets Lord of the Rings.

Even if Fishkin’s dress was straight out of Rivendell, this was a serious LA wedding. So serious and fancy that Vogue covered the festivities on their Culture blog, and included copious bridal porn pictures. In these shots, we see the Olsens draping Fishkin in delicate swaths of white Chantilly lace. According to the article, the bride walked down the aisle to Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You” and Stevie Nicks, who happens to be her freakin’ godmother, stood up and serenaded the happy couple with “Landslide.” It's safe to saw that few folksier weddings have ever taken place on planet Earth.

This is the twins’ first foray into bridal gowns, but we hope this isn’t the last we see from them. Olsen and Olsen stayed true to the design ethic of clean lines and classic silhouettes that The Row is known for. Behold, MK & A say yes to the dress…

The bespoke lace-overlay gown was simple and fitted to Fishkin’s body with sheer bell sleeves that conjured up images of Cate Blanchett’s character in Lord of the Rings. I’m not the only one that sees it, right?

I mean, the material, the make, it's all straight up Galadriel. Ethereal to the max is what they call this.

Whether or not it's a big Tolkien allusion to this nerd-ball writer, the dress really is gorgeous. It’s clear that they were going for romantic, underlined, bolded, and italicized, and they achieved it. So congrats to the happy couple, and to MK & A for a bang-up inaugural wedding dress... May this memory be a light for you in dark places.

Images: @nurulidris,@dessygroup/ Twitter; Giphy (3)