'Duck Dynasty' Jep Robertson Designed T Shirts That Are Really, Really Expensive

The term "fashion has no boundaries" has taken on a totally different spin when word broke out that the youngest son on Duck Dynasty was about to make his mark in the fashion world. Yep! you heard that correctly, Jep Robertson has gone into the fashion business by way of trendy graphic t-shirts and accessorizes. Truth be told, these tees are not bad for someone who spends majority of his time in a camouflage and jeans. If you dig Jep's look than you are in luck because the television star has also designed his very own bandannas for his debut line.

After meeting Australian designers Rick Caballo and Melissa Core at a benefit for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Jep and his wife Jessica went to dinner with the couple and a discussion came up to create a fashion line together. Initially the Robertson's didn't think it would happen, but the Aussie's stuck to their word and now after much design chatter between the two couples Jep is finally able to bring his ideas to the forefront of retail fashion. The brand will include t-shirts, bandannas, sunglasses, caps, and beanies for both men and women.

The line has been dubbed, "Calvary by Jep Robertson" and its meaning is close to his heart. Describing the brand name as a tribute to his Christianity, the slogan became, "Faith, Family, Fashion". It is a play on words from the Duck Dynasty mantra, "Faith, Family, Ducks". The Calvary line is available now online with items clocking in at no more than $65, which may be a reasonable fare for those that want a little piece of their own dynasty.

Images: Not Just Words tee, $36.99, calvaryfashion.com, Earth Black Duck Tee, $49.99, calvaryfashion.com